Schumer Shutdown Debacle Reveals Dems’ Historical Cynicism and Racism

In addition to being a leftist icon, President Lyndon B. Johnson was an extraordinary vulgarian and a rabid racist. Prior to the passage of the landmark 1964 Civil Rights Act, he is said to have told fellow Democratic power players that the bill would initiate a liberal golden age in which “those niggers” would be “voting Democratic for two hundred years.”

An eccentric purported whore-monger at Snopes would have you believe that because this quote is “unproven” it is not worth taking seriously. Not long ago our current Commander-in-Chief is alleged to have referred to Haiti and Africa as “shitholes.” There’s as much proof for this quote as there is for LBJ’s so if we’re going to take President Trump’s alleged remarks seriously then we have reason to take as true the LBJ quote.

As I said regarding President Trump’s alleged comments, it sounds like something he would say; after only a cursory examination of President Johnson’s prefered verbiage, his racist prognostication about an epoch of manipulating blacks into voting Democratic is equally authentic.

Johnson’s prophecy has, for the most part, come true. Since the passage of the Civil Rights Act – which garnered virtually zero support from congressional Democrats – blacks have historically voted for partisan policy makers who have kept minority communities mired in a cycle of poverty and dependence on government largesse. One such policy is the minimum wage which was designed initially to keep blacks and other “undesirables” out of the labor force. Such was in vogue during the day and age of Margaret Sanger and genetic elitism.

Another favorite policy of LBJ’s progeny is abortion on demand which has caused a culling of the black population the likes of which the KKK could never dream of achieving. Black lives, like all lives, have intrinsic value and do indeed matter, but one wouldn’t know that after a perusal of “progressive” policies which have widened our national income gap and turned major urban populations into enormous enclaves of destitution.

LBJ’s dream of getting “niggers” to vote Democratic for centuries, and the following history of liberals abusing blacks under the false auspices of a liberal Aryan Savior Complex, belies a despicable truth about our liberal counterparts: They don’t give one good God damn about black people or any people of color and that includes whites.

All you are to Democrats is a vote, a faceless, nameless number whose sole worth is determined only by the decision to throw your support behind an historically racist party that dehumanizes those it claims to aid. LBJ didn’t care if the Civil Rights Act, or the welfare boondoggles of his “Great Society”, helped anyone other than his party. Judging by the deluge of red ink flowing from Medicaid and Medicare, it’s obvious even to the uninitiated that these programs were never designed to “work”. They were designed to win votes and keep liberals in power. Period.

These days the players and particular policies may be different than in the mid sixties, but the racist politicking of the left hasn’t budged. As the Democratic Party has lost election after election, and as conservatives continue to provide results, as success builds upon success, more and more people will come to realize the loathsome truth about liberals: They aren’t on our side, they’re on their own side.

Politically speaking, this is a catastrophe for Democrats. The more things improve for our country, the less the country will need them. In order to remain a viable political party, the Democrats need a couple of things to happen.

First, they need the country to fail. Success under President Trump spells doom for them so they need calamity to strike, they need the country to fail, and therefore they are actively rooting for failure while seeking ways to undermine our burgeoning prosperity.

Second, they need new voters to fill the empty seats in their decrepit temple of sick-minded statist collectivism. That’s where Senator “Sad-Clown” Chuck Schumer comes in. Rather than put his country and countrymen first, rather than seek compromise, rather than concede defeat, he has put hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of illegal aliens ahead of American citizens.

So-called “dreamers” are Schumer’s priority, not because his heart overflows with compassion for the huddled, wretched masses fleeing their shithole homelands, but because his party is in a state of existential crisis. They need new votes. Schumer’s no dummy, he’s more than likely seen research showing the next generation of voters could be the most conservative crop in history.

The Democrats are circling the drain. Minority leader Schumer’s duty is to preserve what’s left in the wreckage of multiple disastrous elections and eight years of failure under the leadership of Magic-Negro-Extraordinaire, Barack Hussein Obama, who single-handedly laid waste to his own party.

DACA is not an act of love on the part of Democrats. It’s a cynical ploy to survive the catastrophic consequences of their own political malfeasance. The Democrats need the dreamers, they need DACA to pass, but after generations of abusing minorities and providing them with nothing but indigence, can it be said the dreamers need Democrats?

Dreamers need Democrats like they need a hole in the head. Democrats don’t give a damn about dreamers, they don’t give a damn about their own constituents, and if you vote Republican they consider you a deplorable. If Democrats are willing to betray native born Americans and throw their lot in with foreigners, what makes Dreamers think Democrats will stand with them later? They blow with the wind.

Democrats have no integrity, no ideas, and no real leadership, as evidenced by Schumer’s failed bluff and self-destructive shutdown debacle. If he’s not careful, Dreamers might just end up voting Republican.

Original artwork by the inimitable Jesse Comeau

By day, Michael Rodgers is a logistics specialist in the aerospace industry. By night, he is an Associate Editor for the Liberty Conservative. He lives and drinks profusely in Dover, New Hampshire.


  1. Michael just a great informative piece. If my memory serves me well did not the democrats stage a 75 day filibuster against the civil rights act passage only to have republicans break it and force a vote? One of my heroes growing up was the greatest living Christian soldier I’ve encountered Dr. Martin Luther King. How far we have fallen as the USA is only a fragment of what I thought this country was going to become. I grew up when America was great only to find out that someone else couldn’t stand for greatness. They were in it for greed,power and control. Obama was manufactured and sold as the 1st black president. Who taught him to abandon his whiteness? I’m 75 from just west of Boston

  2. Votes take 2nd place to FUNDRAISING! Add HOPE to any fundraising endeavor(s) from Russian Collusion – DACA – Clinton emails – alleged sexual harassment – Border Wall – Illegal immigration; consider, when the money slows down or runs out the subject of “HOPE” changes. When POTUS#45 solves the “HOPE” problem(s); well then, the democrats need to go back the Climate Warning – Women’s Health and so on.

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