Sen. Ben Sasse Echoes Black Lives Matter In Criticism Of Roy Moore And ‘White Backlash Grievance’

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Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) is in fact a Republican legislator from a state firmly within America’s heartland, but he apparently doesn’t even realize it. In an interview with Jonah Goldberg of The Remnant podcast, Sasse echoed sentiments regarding race and the GOP familiarly expressed by Black Lives Matter activists and others on the radical left.

“I think we’re getting a new kind of identity politics — of, kind of, white backlash grievance,” Sasse said. “Which isn’t surprising that the right would echo the left. It isn’t surprising if you don’t have principles — and it feels like these parties don’t have a lot of principles. And the Alabama Senate race looks just that crappy to me.”

From there, Sasse went on to criticize Judge Moore for his allegedly bigoted views. Despite professing his ignorance on the actual details of the situation, Sasse did not miss an opportunity to virtue-signal on behalf of radical Islam. Once again, Sasse showed solidarity with Black Lives Matter activists by standing with racist, far-left Rep. Keith Ellison (R-MN).

“You can’t have people running for office—I don’t know the particulars of what Moore has said—but as it’s been reported, you can’t have people running for office saying that being a Muslim would be a disqualification for being in Congress. The Constitution is pretty dang clear about not having a religious litmus test,” Sasse said.

It is unclear what principles Sasse is referring to, as he has done little other than regurgitate Democratic talking points during his years in the Senate. Last year, Sasse led the ‘Never Trump’ movement in a desperate crusade to destroy Donald Trump’s chances at the Presidency and instill Hillary Clinton in the White House. His sabotage plan having failed, Sasse continues to undermine the President and other surging anti-establishment Republicans like Judge Roy Moore out of sour grapes.

He might be better served doing what his colleagues Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and Bob Corker (R-TN) have done, and run from office with his tail between his legs. Sasse, who was a long-time federal bureaucrat before being elected Senator, will likely face a tough primary challenger in 2020 if he doesn’t have the grace to bow out before then.

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