By Gage Skidmore

Sen. Mike Lee to Trump: Quit Funneling Taxpayer Money to George Soros!

Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) has been very vocal in his criticisms of President Trump, going back to the dysfunctional campaign season that put Trump at bitter odds with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Now, Lee is trying to warn Trump that taxpayer funds are being funneled directly into the pockets of his sworn enemies.

“Whatever one’s views about abortion, energy regulation, alternative family structures, they are neither core international priorities of the American people, nor essential to American national security. They are domestic political controversies, pet causes of a sort of privileged, globalist elite,” Lee said in a speech at The Heritage Foundation this week.

Sen. Lee and Trump were at odds for the greater part of 2016. Lee, a top proponent of Sen. Cruz’ presidential campaign last year, was one of the main people leading the charge against Trump on the floor of last year’s contentious Republican National Convention. Since then, tensions have eased and both men are focused on similar goals.

In the case of George Soros, the two men have a common enemy. Soros bankrolled many anti-freedom causes during the Tea Party era to stifle Lee and his allies. With the tea party era dying down, Soros has focused his ire on Trump. Soros has championed many subversive leftist causes such as Indivisible with the intent to cause chaos and disruption for the Trump White House.

“President Trump and his team must change the culture of American diplomacy towards one that prioritizes American interests and respects the sovereignty and self-determination of other peoples,” Lee said.

Thus far, Lee’s attempts to lobby Trump have fallen on deaf ears. He released a letter with five other Senators last month asking Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to review this problem. This attempt was rebuked, but Lee is not giving up. If he can lobby Trump for help in his efforts, they may finally be able to turn off the spigot of federal cash that goes to progressive causes.


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