Sen. Rand Paul is ‘Not Too Excited’ about Health Care Reform, Still Undecided on AHCA

Although all but one legislator in the House Freedom Caucus approved a revised version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA), Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is not yet convinced. He told “Your World with Neil Cavuto” during yesterday’s broadcast that the proposed reform has a ways to go before he is willing to approve it.

“It’s going to take a little bit of work to get me to a ‘yes’ vote, but I do have an open mind,” Paul said to Cavuto. “There’s not been a louder voice up here for replacing ObamaCare. I really want to repeal it. I just don’t want to replace it with ‘ObamaCare lite’ or another federal program.”

Fellow Kentuckian, Rep. Thomas Massie broke ranks with most of his colleagues in the House to be an opponent of the AHCA. “The AHCA is like a kidney stone- the House doesn’t care what happens to it, as long as they can pass it,” Massie said in a tweet posted on Wednesday. He opposed his frequent allies in the Freedom Caucus to oppose the AHCA that passed by a narrow 217-213 margin yesterday. Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) was the only Freedom Caucus member to vote against the legislation.

Twenty Republican House legislators voted against the bill for various reasons. Many dissenters were moderates who felt that the bill repealed provisions of ObamaCare that helped Americans. The Senate is expected to re-tool the bill in the upcoming weeks, and there is no guarantee that the AHCA will pass that chamber. President Trump’s victory lap regarding the bill may have come too soon.

“I really frankly am not too excited about subsidizing the profit of insurance companies… There’s about $300 or $400 billion in this bill for insurance company profit.” Paul said.

Paul noted during the interview that annual profits of health insurance companies rose from $6 billion to $15 billion under ObamaCare. Regardless of whether the AHCA in its present form is approved or rejected by the Senate, any prospects of health care reform not involving coercive federal mandates and insurance company bailouts look increasingly dismal.


  1. So everyone that voted for Trump to Repeal ObamaCare lets raise our hands in victory. Wait this doesn’t repeal Obamacare and Trump is fighting for it? No way. The last bill didn’t get passed because it didn’t repeal Obamacare and Trump backed that one too.So did he really want to repeal it or just keep it going. This Bill saves us money or is that steals more money from us because if the Republicans would repeal it like they ran on we wouldn’t have any money stolen from us. Lets see what else did we vote for him for, OH YEAH, Common Core was supposed to go away along with the Dept of Education but they are still here and thriving. The wall that never is, was or shall be.The first budget really saved us money, oh wait it costed us 1 trillion dollars more. Data collecting was supposed stop and NAFTA was supposed to go. I use to blame the democrats then I use to blame the Republicans now I finally realized we Americans are at fault. I use to think politicians are hypocrites because they say they will do this that and the other to get elected but then do the total opposite when they get elected. Now I have learned who the real hypocrites are. The real hypocrites are us the American people. We cry that we need change. We need to get back to the Constitution and start abiding by our laws. We need to have government smaller, less federal control, less foreign intervention, and so on. But then we vote the same type of person into every level of office. which means nothing changes. Worse yet, we insult the ones that would follow the Constitution and we have the nerve to discredit them and criticize them. After the election we cry like a bunch of babies that their person didn’t do what they said what they would do then we blame them for all of our problems. Reality is if the majority of us wouldn’t start following politics 4 weeks before an election, make their choice by what is being advertised and sold to us like Trump was, if the majority actually learned what each of the 3 branches of government can and cannot do, if we would actually study how and why we were created we all would realize that the biggest part of this country isn’t and hasn’t been doing their part for over 100 years. Instead we really do not want change. We like the idea of being able to blame others for all the problems facing us and we convince ourselves or more like we convince our conscience that we can sleep sound at night because we haven’t done anything wrong. So come on lets all raise our hands proudly that we vote for our mayors, congressmen and presidents the same way we chose what underwear we wear or what type of reality show we watch because God knows we cannot think for ourselves. So when your kids and grand kids have to start paying off this massive debt I hope all of us have the balls to at least look them in the eyes and apologize for sticking them with the bill.

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