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Sen. Rand Paul: We Must Object Phony, Cronyist, GOP-Backed Tax Cuts

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is known for being as free market as they come in the legislature, so it has come as a shock to many as Paul has opposed GOP-backed reforms in recent weeks. Republican leaders such as Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) – and even President Donald Trump – have pushed healthcare and tax reform plans that Paul has stood firmly against.

Paul is standing against these plans not because he doesn’t want a fundamental change in healthcare and tax policy. He is standing against these measures because they are more of the same and not true reform in any sense of the word. The swamp is trying to pull a fast one, yet again, on the American public, and Paul is using his power to expose and root out these deceptions. Having already helped stop phony healthcare reform, Paul is now setting his sights on ending phony tax reform.

“The plan lowered the top rate, which is great. It lowered corporate taxes, which is necessary for job growth. It lowered taxes on the lowest income people, as well. I’m good with all of that,” Paul said, proclaiming what he liked about the current GOP tax reform plan to start his Oct. 4 Breitbart News editorial.

But Paul fears that the tax relief offered to the wealthy, corporations, and poor will come at the expense of the middle class, who arguably needs tax relief more than anyone else.

“However, somewhere in the authors’ efforts to cut taxes for our highest and lowest earners, the middle class was seemingly left to bear the burden,” Paul said.” The problem is, after lowering those rates, they decided the rest of the plan should be ‘revenue neutral.'”

“If you’ve already cut taxes for the rich and lower incomes, how do you make up the difference to account for those cuts? By raising taxes on those who are left – the middle class.”

To counter the GOP’s current tax plan, Paul is calling on tax relief for all Americans.

“First, if you really do want to eliminate the state and local deductions and think it is good policy, that’s fine. But then the rate the taxpayer pays must be low enough to compensate for it. That’s always been the idea behind the “Flat Tax,” but it applies here. You have to lower the middle rate from 25 to 20 to come near fixing the problem for everyone,” Paul said.

“You can also adjust the brackets, making more middle and upper-middle class people subject to the 12 percent rate for a larger share of their income.”

Paul makes it clear that he understands that the negotiating process regarding tax reform is still under way, which is why he wants to make sure that the best possible ideas are out there for consideration. Paul also wants to make it known that he isn’t trying to “dictate the details” to his fellow lawmakers, but rather make sure as many Americans get a tax cut as possible.

“I guarantee you this – when we pass a bill, no one is going to cheer for bullet points on a white paper. All they will do is ask – do I pay more or less under your plan? A Republican Congress should always be able to say “less” to that question, and I look forward to fixing and filling in the details on their plan to make sure that’s true,” Paul said to close his editorial.

Paul has let the White House and congressional leaders know about the details of his plan, and hopes that some of what he has proposed will ultimately be included in the finalized bill voted on by legislators.

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  1. Senator Rand Paul, years ago the pro life movement had an opportunity to stop 98% of the abortions in the USA; they did not take up this opportunity to stop abortion because it was still abortion @2%. How many millions of life could have they saved if their were not purists. Take the offer and then continue.

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