Senator Rand Paul, the lone vote against Comey’s confirmation, goes on epic rant against the FBI

The hot political topic of the day and likely days ahead is the refusal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to indict former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Despite noting that Clinton acted carelessly and had indeed sent classified information on a private server, Director James Comey stated they would not recommend criminal charges against Associated Press-nominated Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Outrage has since engulfed discourse across America. Republicans are upset, Democrats not on the Clinton bandwagon are concerned, and those not aligned with either party are not surprised, but still quite outraged. It’s a bad place.

Of all those politicians outraged over the actions of Comey, the only one in the United States Senate with a right to be outraged is Senator Rand Paul. Senator Paul was the lone vote opposed to Comey’s confirmation three years ago.


The opposition to Comey at the time was due to the topic of drone use by law enforcement and the government. While the claim of the government was their usage was for national security, he disagreed with their assessment and stood alone against Comey.

National security is a difficult topic for libertarians and libertarian-leaning politicians, because they oppose interventionism and meddling abroad. Senator Paul himself has faced a great deal of criticism from his neoconservative Democratic opponent Jim Gray, who is the Mayor of Lexington, Kentucky. Mayor Gray has criticized Senator Paul’s votes on military spending, defending the Fifth Amendment and due process, and not being islamophobic. But as shown with his actual record and the Comey confirmation vote, Senator Paul has often stood firm on the Constitution when others wouldn’t.

In a Twitter rant, Senator Paul unleashes upon the Federal Bureau of Investigation for their decision.


As Senator Paul points out, this comes after Clinton’s husband, former United States President Bill Clinton, met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. According to their official narrative, they accidentally ran into each other on a tarmac and then went on a long plane ride to discuss grandchildren. The investigation of Clinton never came up, or so the story goes.

Senator Paul then notes it the appearance problem, which absolutely is valid. Aside from the decision itself being atrocious, the fact it came just days after former President Clinton met with the Attorney General is suspicious.

Many people passed it off after Lynch stated she would accept any suggestion from the F.B.I. No pressure, Comey.

In America, as Senator Paul goes on to point out, everyday citizens get worse penalties for less. A common example is with marijuana usage and how it can ruin an individual’s life. Contrast that with the former Secretary of State sending or receiving 110 e-mails on her private server containing classified information. We truly now live in an oligarchy beneath a broken justice system, with rules that are selectively applied. The Kentucky Senator correctly notes that what occurred today has undermined America’s trust in the justice system and the government itself. How can anyone trust the Federal Bureau of Investigation after they covered for a career politician, something they would never do for a regular citizen?

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

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  1. F.B.I. – Famous But Incompetent. A description that applies to Hillary Clinton as well.

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