Shameless Libertarian Rep Offers To Shave Unsightly Body Hair For Hurricane Relief

One of the few Libertarian elected officials is threatening to bare all and wax his body, for a good cause. New Hampshire State Rep. Joseph Stallcop, who switched from the Democratic Party to the Libertarian Party last year, has offered to wax all the unsightly hair from his body if he can raise $50,000 for Hurricane Harvey victims.

“At the moment I knew … not even as someone who has a more public presence who could get more awareness, but just as a person who really wanted to help, I had to do something,” Stallcop said in an interview with NH1 News.

“I wanted to really be able to grab people’s attention,” he said. “When you can do something outlandish or just out of the norm, sometimes you can grab people’s attention enough to actually get them to throw in some help.”

Due to being afflicted with a great deal of body hair, Stallcop, a 20-year-old college student, saw an opportunity to be goofy, gain some publicity and potentially make a difference. He has created an online fundraiser to help him achieve his goal.

“Being a hairier person … I usually end up cleaning up a bit so I don’t scare people around me,” he said. “Instead of doing the normal little cleanup, I thought, ‘you know what, here’s something that’s going to grab people’s attention. I will get a full-body wax, in costume, on video.'”

However, it seems that Stallcop’s stunt has backfired. After five days, he has only raised $152 dollars for his cause, falling far short of the lofty sum he was aiming for. It seems like all Stallcop will be able to accomplish is using an actual crisis to gain some national headlines for a cheap publicity stunt.

Between Stallcop’s hair removal scheme and the national leadership of the Libertarian Party attacking prominent libertarians while showing non-stop contempt for its rank-and-file members, it is clear that the LP will remain an irrelevant laughingstock for many years to come.


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