The Shocking Video Ted Cruz DOESN’T Want You To See

We are now less than 4 weeks away from the Iowa Caucuses, and Ted Cruz has emerged as the frontrunner to win the first in the nation caucus. This has lead to an unprecedented level of scrutiny from many activists in the Hawkeye state, including former state house candidate Eric Durbin. Eric has released a flip flop compilation video detailing over a dozen of Ted Cruz’s most egregious flip flops, all accompanied by damning video evidence. If you consider Ted Cruz to be a consistent, principled conservative this 13 minutes of video evidence to the contrary should put some doubts in your head. The video shows that Senator Cruz has flip flopped on issues ranging from illegal immigration to the 2nd amendment to NSA spying. This propensity to change his positions has gotten Cruz in hot water with everybody from Iowa Social Conservatives like Pastor Cary Gordon to Iowa libertarians like Durbin, and with 23 days left until the caucus it remains to be seen whether or not Cruz’s campaign will hold up under the scrutiny. As the attention of conservatives across Iowa and across the nation turns to Cruz, we have found out he may not be the man of principle many believed he was.

Rocco Lucente is the Editor-at-Large of The Liberty Conservative as well as the chairman of the Town of Ulysses GOP and a county coordinator of Campaign For Liberty in New York.


  1. This video is the best attack on Ted Cruz? Not very convincing. If we know the issues being discussed we come away from such a compilation thinking Cruz is smart about what he chooses to say and to whom. But his positions are not contradictory. The exception may be “boots on the ground” in Syria. Even here, his conviction is that we don’t send ground troops to topple a dictator as if that itself were a worthy goal. But we may send ground troops and any amount of air power to end ISIS. So the assessment of whether ground troops are needed is tactical and it can change. Once you know Cruz’s reasoning you see that he’s consistent–and unwilling to give away more information than is needed. To me, this is a good combination in a statesman. I’d still prefer Rand Paul. But I don’t understand the character attacks on Cruz. His policies and core convictions are the closest of anyone’s to Ran Paul’s.

    • Rocco is seething with blind hatred for Cruz…that’s the “why”. Rand is not where he wishes he would be at this point in the race, so he’s lashing out. Its not unexpected.

      • I don’t support Cruz from beginning.. I had researched on him before he entered the race.. I have known about Cruz him from being promoter campaigner for George Bush in the state of TX in early 2000. Before that, worked for John Boehner as his consultant as his lawyer knowing John Boehner is a RINO, Cruz helped him to attack on other congressman another elite, then call on John Boehner years later. What a show!! Call me anything if you want to. Maybe call me Blindly hate Cruz. Cruz is no debt cutter at all.. He voted for some spending bills that only affected short term!! With Pentagon, How can you be a fiscal conservative and has the proposals where shown the eager to go to war.. The third largest Debt is Pentagon after Medicare and Social Security DEBT DEBT!!! Look at the chart that foreign policy expert determine the eagerness with their proposals to war.

    • Funny, I had the exact same thought. Saves me the trouble of typing all that out – thanks!

  2. It depends on what Trump’s stance is…. he has adopted most of them, He so badly wants to be him.

  3. This video is very manipulative and a complete distortion of the truth. Everything is out of context or simply an opinion that has changed over time, but the video tries to make it out as if Cruz flipped. This is the most ridiculous propaganda I have ever seen.

  4. Please…. and some of his changes have come as tensions have changed in the middle east. pretty weak comparisons….

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