The Shocking Video Ted Cruz DOESN’T Want You To See

in Politics

We are now less than 4 weeks away from the Iowa Caucuses, and Ted Cruz has emerged as the frontrunner to win the first in the nation caucus. This has lead to an unprecedented level of scrutiny from many activists in the Hawkeye state, including former state house candidate Eric Durbin. Eric has released a flip flop compilation video detailing over a dozen of Ted Cruz’s most egregious flip flops, all accompanied by damning video evidence. If you consider Ted Cruz to be a consistent, principled conservative this 13 minutes of video evidence to the contrary should put some doubts in your head. The video shows that Senator Cruz has flip flopped on issues ranging from illegal immigration to the 2nd amendment to NSA spying. This propensity to change his positions has gotten Cruz in hot water with everybody from Iowa Social Conservatives like Pastor Cary Gordon to Iowa libertarians like Durbin, and with 23 days left until the caucus it remains to be seen whether or not Cruz’s campaign will hold up under the scrutiny. As the attention of conservatives across Iowa and across the nation turns to Cruz, we have found out he may not be the man of principle many believed he was.