“SICK HILLARY”: Is Clinton Suffering Post-Debate Seizure During Press Conference?


In the aftermath of her debate loss to Donald Trump on Sunday evening, Hillary Clinton spoke to reporters on board her campaign plane. At one point during the press conference, Hillary’s eyes began to roll around in her head, her neck began bobbling, and there was a rapid pulse and contraction visible in one of her neck muscles. The video is posted on Twitter by Mike Cernovich, and is also available below:



Of course, this is not the first time. There is extensive speculation that her much-memed reaction to the balloon drop at the end of the Democratic National Convention was another instance of her seizure disorder.  Hillary has been observed on camera having a seizure. Paul Joseph Watson has done extensive investigation into the topic, including speaking to neurology experts and doctors about what might be medically wrong with Hillary. That video can be seen below:


Is Hillary seriously ill, suffering from a neurological disorder or disease- or is this another “vast right wing conspiracy”?


  1. This is pretty weak stuff. As bad as Clinton is on the issues, this is all the author can come up with? It looks desperate.

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