Simple But Difficult Solutions To The Problem Of Islamic Terrorism

The recent terror attack in New York City is like every other terror attack to have occurred over the past few years in the West. It was preventable, the assailant was a Muslim, and next to nothing will be done to thwart a future attack of the same nature. There are things that could be done to mitigate the risk of this happening again, but there exists a staggering lack of testicular fortitude in the halls of power, one that puts political correctness ahead of national security. Lives are now less important than words and in a climate of cowardice such as this, it’s nearly impossible for rational policy making to occur.

In a more perfect world, this is what we would do:

Any Muslim on a terror watch list must be deported. No exceptions. One of the most confounding aspects of many, if not most, of these attacks is that the FBI and its foreign counterparts had already been watching the terrorists in question. They had been watching them, their mosques, their associates, and they did nothing to stop him. Obviously, we cannot be arresting people for crimes they haven’t committed but at this point we’re beyond criminality. These are acts of war perpetrated by monsters who have used our compassion and legal systems as weapons against us. We can no longer afford to take any risks. Every Muslim on an FBI watch list must be deported immediately. Their mosques and associates must be heavily monitored. And if no nation will accept them, it will be time to build a new wing at Gitmo.

Ban further entry to the United States by any Muslim. President Trump has been trying to do this to one degree or another, and the Ninth Circuit court has been undermining his authority as Commander-in-Chief. He must declare Islam a clear and present danger to the United States, and he must declare them an enemy of the state. Ignore all ridiculous arguments that “not all Muslims” are terrorists, by now it should be clear that none of them are trustworthy. Any one of them could be a terrorist and in this situation, it is impossible to tell one from the other. We must not be blinded by compassion or the fear of being seen as “insensitive.” The unwashed Muslim horde thrives on our political correctness. Security is more important than tolerance.

Bar Muslim residents of the United States from holding public office. London’s mayor is an impostor and a terrorist sympathizer and enabler. This is part and parcel of the global Muslim strategy: Move in, out-breed and out-populate the indigenous population, and eventually out-vote the native people and take over their institutions. Enemies of the state have no right to hold public office, indeed, they have very few, if any, rights. Many will scream about treating Muslims as though they are second class citizens, and I’d have to agree, to an extent. They are second class citizens. It’s time to start treating them accordingly.

A policy of disproportionate force must be adopted as a reaction to these attacks. Said another way, for everyone one of us they kill, we will kill one hundred. And shout it from the rooftops. Let no one say they were unaware of the counter-attack policy of the United States. If you kill one of us, the price will be one hundred fold. Any attack on U.S. soil will be an act of suicidal aggression. Every Muslim who lifts a weapon with intent to do harm upon us will have to contemplate how many of his brethren will be destroyed as a result of his actions. We will kill them until there are none left to kill. Be brazen about the fact that this is a new crusade. We can’t keep hiding from the truth. This. Is. War. Period.

Compared to some harsher measures that could possibly be adopted, these policy ideas are relatively tame. Many people on the Left rant and rave about how President Trump is “the new Hitler,” but his loyalists know better, don’t we? We can put these policies into place now, and save ourselves grief later or we can wait another ten, twenty, or thirty years until we face a Europe-like crisis. We can fix the problems now or beg for an authoritarian later. Take your pick.

By day, Michael Rodgers is a logistics specialist in the aerospace industry. By night, he is an Associate Editor for the Liberty Conservative. He lives and drinks profusely in Dover, New Hampshire.


  1. I disagree about banning all Muslims, but hard vetting, reforming our visa system, and travel bans on countries with failed states is an absolute must.

  2. Michael Rodgers,
    I am in agreement with you 110@.
    Every Muslim in The FBI List ought to be deported immediately and the ban on all Muslims must be implemented even if “Drama Queens” like Ostrich Bill di Blasio (T. B) would be better called and “curly” Schumer, Crooked Hilary (Hitlery) and others oppose to these orders.

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