Stop Calling Liberals “Hypocrites”, They have a Different Rulebook

This morning I read a great piece on Reason in which Stephaine Slade dives into the hypocrisy of the liberals. Fashion designer Sophie Theallet has declared that she will not be dressing the next first lady, Melania Trump. Slide correctly points out that while Theallet has the right to choose which customers she wants to work with, bakers and florists do not, if the customers they are refusing happen to be same-sex couples.

Hardly a day goes by that I see on my Facebook feed a meme about liberal logic. The hypocrisy of liberals is so frustrating. How do they not see how contradictory their positions in politics really are?

Stop calling liberals hypocrites, it assumes that liberals have principles that they abide by. Liberals do not care about the rules, instead, all they care about is the outcome. The rule of law is what conservatives must live by. Liberals are very quick to hold up the rules and require that we live by them. However, in their minds, they do not agree to our rules and as such, why should they be required to follow them?

Liberals will be happy to follow our rules if it means they win. Just look at California Senator Barbra Boxer’s recent bill in which she proposes a Constitutional Amendment to abolish the Electoral College. Senator Boxer has no problem with the Electoral College when Obama won in 2008. We didn’t see Senator Boxer run to the press and demand that the Electoral College be done away with. In 2008, Senator Boxer could care less about the Electoral College because her party was in control of the House, the Senate, and the White House. The rule of law was not restricting her ability to legislate her socialist agenda.

Liberals only pretend to follow the rule of law. Do you think that there would be rioting in the street had Hillary Clinton won? The only reason there is a need to riot is because they did not get their way. This illegal rioting so happens to be conducted in cities where the vast majority of the politicians agree with the protestors. The liberals understand that they can riot, plunder people’s personal property, and otherwise break the law and there is a limited chance that they will be placed under arrest.

The liberal politicians in the cities that the riots are occurring in have enough laws on the books that the police could come in with riot gear and throw every one of the protestors in prison. While we have heard of a few arrests, there are still many more protestors who are running wild on the street. The liberals benefit because these riots are creating all sorts of free publicity for their cause and create massive unrest in the nation.

Liberals are not contained only inside the democratic party. Both Republican and Democratic administrations have used the power of the presidency to pass massive regulatory reforms that skirt the balance of power that our Founders gave us in the Constitution. Both Republican and Democratic presidents have used executive orders to skirt the approval of Congress.

To a liberal, the rule of law only constrains those who follow the rules. They will be happy to follow the rules if they can beat you. But if they can’t beat you with your rule book, then they want to color outside the lines and they will call you all sorts of names if you try to hold them to your rulebook.

Remember, it is the liberal Attorney Generals who refuse to obey their Constitutional mandates to represent the people. When the people were not represented, then liberal judges rule against the people without the people having their day in court. This is how liberals play, everything is fair game because the means justify the end.

Crying hypocrite is not going to change any liberal’s opinion. Remember, we live in a self-governing Republic. This means that there are four restrictions upon the self-governed: religion, philosophy, economics, and the law. Liberals refused to govern themselves and, since their philosophy does not require them to do so and since they do not follow your religion, the only thing that is going to stop them is economic and legal pressure.

The fastest way to end the riots is to start throwing all the rioters in jail and throwing away the key. Remember when Target was pushing its liberal agenda by allowing anyone to use whatever bathroom they wanted regardless of an individual’s gender? Target eventually had to change their liberal agenda because their economic position was being damaged.

Rather than crying hypocrite, you need to do something. If the person has a service, stop using them. If a person is breaking a law, flood your politician’s phone with messages of how you expect him to follow the law. Drive his staff crazy with all the constituent contacts that you can possibly arrange. Run constitutionally minded individuals against your liberal politicians and volunteer at least twice a month to go out and tell your neighbors why you cannot support the current liberal politician.

In football, the players are constantly stretching the rules to see how much they can get away with in order to give themselves a competitive advantage. If the officials do not penalize them and the team for the violations, they will keep breaking the rules. We, the People, are the officials of our self-governing Republic. It is time we study up on our rule book and time that we start holding the liberal politician’s feet to the fire so that we do not find ourselves losing more of our freedoms and liberties.

The liberal movement will continue to grow as long they are permitted to follow their own rules. Hold them to the rule of law, and this country can once again have another peaceful transfer of power.


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