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Turning Point USA Holds Successful Conference Despite Mainstream Media’s Sabotage Efforts

Last week, The Liberty Conservative covered the Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in West Palm Beach, FL. The event was largely considered a success, but was marred by a hit piece that was dropped by the New Yorker conveniently timed to undermine the event. This was supposed to be a big bombshell, but largely fell flat. It consisted of the same old accusations of racism fueled by an anti-black text message released by a now former employee as well as the testimonials of bitter ex-employees with axes to grind because they are no longer getting paychecks. The article also… Keep Reading

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Julian Assange To Introduce Ron Paul’s Whistleblowers Roundtable At Peace Conference

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity (RPI) is hosting an event, “Peace and Prosperity 2017: Where We’re Going And How We’ll Get There?” that will take place next month. Organizers were proud to announce yesterday that Julian Assange will be introducing a whistleblowers roundtable during the program. “The CIA has been deeply humiliated as a result of our ongoing publications so this is a preemptive move by the CIA to try and discredit our publications and create a new category for Wikileaks and other national security reporters to strip them of First Amendment protections,” Assange said in an… Keep Reading

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