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Nigel Farage Rails Against Globalism At CPAC

Former Member of the European Parliament Nigel Farage slammed globalism during his speech at the 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Friday. “What globalism is all about is of course destroying the nation-state, taking away its symbols, taking away its identity, replacing it with this new global order, and of course the European Union is the epicenter of what all of the globalists want to do.” he said. He remarked on how he thought America would be better able to withstand globalism. “But I never thought in America, because those with a long memory will of course remember 1776… Keep Reading

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Trump Slams Green New Deal At CPAC

President Donald Trump tore into the Democrats’ proposal for a Green New Deal during his “totally off script” speech at CPAC on Saturday. “The ‘new green deal’ or whatever the hell they call it. The new green deal, right? I encourage it, I think it’s really something they should promote,” Trump proclaimed to the packed ballroom in National Harbor, Maryland. “No planes. No energy. When the wind stops blowing, that is the end of your electric,” Trump continued. “Their plan would remove every gas-powered car from American roads. Oh, that’s not so bad. They want you to have one car… Keep Reading

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Pence Summarizes Trump’s Achievements at CPAC

Vice President Mike Pence chose to use his Friday speech at CPAC in order to summarize Trump’s record of success as President of the United States. “Under President Donald Trump, working Americans are winning again.  The forgotten men and women of America are forgotten no more,” Pence declared. Pence then went on to list Trump’s achievements on immigration, regulation, the judiciary, energy, and other issues of priority to conservatives. Keep Reading

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Mulvaney At CPAC: Prospect Of Peace With North Korea Still On The Table

Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Reagan Dinner on Friday, Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney argued that the failure to reach a deal between President Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un during their recent meeting in Hanoi, Vietnam would not serve as an barrier to future peace talks. “The President really is a master negotiator, and he was able to walk away from a deal – thanks but no thanks, gotta go – but did so in such a fashion to keep all of the connections, all of the relationships still intact,” Mulvaney said. “So… Keep Reading

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CPAC’s foes hurl fake racism charges at Right’s venerable gathering

American Conservative Union communications director Ian Walters, ACU chairman Matt Schlapp, and the ACU-sponsored Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) are being accused of racism due to Walters’ comments at last Friday’s Ronald Reagan dinner. These phony charges deserve rejection and scorn. I attended that banquet and watched Schlapp invite Walters to the stage for an unexpected honor — a sort of lifetime-achievement award that startled Walters and surprised the crowd. Visibly stunned, Walters observed that conservatives struggled to respond to Obama’s election in 2008. “That was a hill we got over,” Walters ad-libbed, “and it was something we were all… Keep Reading

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Rep. Devin Nunes Reacts To New Democrat Memo At CPAC

Rep. Devin Nunes took the stage today at the Conservative Political Action Conference to discuss the new memo released by Rep. Adam Schiff this afternoon. The new memo is intended to attack Nunes’ work in exposing surveillance of President Donald Trump with phony intelligence. Nunes claimed that he wanted the Schiff memo to be released to the public, and says that none of the information in the new memo contradicts anything documented in his memo. He says he has nothing to fear and is only working for basic transparency. “To have a secret court that gets abused like this is… Keep Reading

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White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney Touts Trump’s Deregulatory Agenda At CPAC

White House budget director Mick Mulvaney spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday. He described the economic deregulation being enacted the Trump administration and the sea change taking place in Washington D.C. “The optimism among American business has never been higher,” Mulvaney said. He claimed that the amount of economic progress made by the Trump administration so quickly has been astounding. Two of Mulvaney’s main deregulatory focuses are overturning EPA water-use regulations and clean energy regulations that are restricting economic growth. His Office of Management and Budget is figuring out the best way to dismantle those regulations right… Keep Reading

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Mike Cernovich Urges Leftists To Be Civil Outside Of His CPAC Party Tonight

Conspiracy theorist and social media icon Mike Cernovich has been a lightning rod of controversy. His events have been attacked by ANTIFA and similar groups with right-wingers being attacked and left-wingers being hauled off in handcuffs. Cernovich is hosting another Night for Freedom party event to commemorate the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC). Stefan Molyneux and other special guests are expected to join him. The location is currently being hidden from the public, but that hasn’t stopped ANTIFA from pledging resistance. News2Share caught up with Cernovich at CPAC in National Harbor, Maryland to ask him about how he was preparing… Keep Reading

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Nigel Farage at CPAC: Supporting Trump Was “Best Decision I Have Ever Made”

Nigel Farage joined the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Friday afternoon to address the event in a speech. This was his third CPAC, and he praised the event organizers for having him yet again. Farage frequently stressed during his speech that the good things in life take time and are worth fighting for. It took Farage almost three decades to rally people in the United Kingdom against the European Union and orchestrate the successful Brexit vote. “In 2016 with the Brexit vote and with the election of Donald Trump, we stopped the establishment! We did!” Farage said. Farage praised Trump… Keep Reading

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President Trump Praises 2nd Amendment At CPAC, But Endorses Background Checks

President Trump largely neglected to mention his new push for gun control during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday. He instead touted his conservative record while hammering familiar targets such as the Democrats, globalist trade deals, and the fake news media. “No President has ever cut so many regulations in their entire term that we have cut in less than a year,” Trump said. He spent most of his speech talking about the economic progress America has made during his tenure regarding deregulation, energy, tax cuts, and other issues. Trump claimed that his government would never… Keep Reading

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Black Pro-Trump Pastor Makes Run For Congress To Drain The Swamp

Pastor Mark Burns knocked crowds dead on the campaign trail for Donald Trump throughout 2016, and now he wants to take his show to Washington D.C. The South Carolina native is looking to represent the 4th District of his state in Congress. “The movement is here! It’s alive. It’s well, and the liberal left has no idea what’s about to smack them in the face,” Burns said to a room of about 30 onlookers in a suite at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center during the Conservative Political Action Conference yesterday. He announced his candidacy earlier in the week.… Keep Reading

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Marion Le Pen Draws Parallels Between Conservatism and Nationalism In CPAC Address

Marion Le Pen, niece of French National Front leader Marine Le Pen, spoke before the CPAC audience today in National Harbor, MD. She drew parallels between conservatism and nationalism during her speech, and gave an international touch to the ethnocentric affair. “Our freedom is now in the hands of the European Union,” Le Pen said. She framed the French struggle in terms that Americans could understand. “Let me be clear here. I am not offended when I hear President Trump say America First. In fact, I want America First for the American first. I want Britain first for the British… Keep Reading

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One Day Prior To Addressing CPAC, President Trump Endorses Gun Control

President Donald Trump is prepared to address the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) tomorrow to talk about his ‘America First’ agenda. This talk will happen a day following a crucial flip-flop regarding gun control that has angered his conservative base. Previously an ardent supporter of firearm freedom, Trump has done a reversal following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida last week that claimed 17 lives. Under the pressure, he is now endorsing increased restrictions to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment. “I will be strongly pushing Comprehensive Background Checks with an emphasis on Mental Health. Raise age to 21 and end… Keep Reading

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McGahn Lays Out Conservative Judicial Agenda At CPAC

White House Counsel Don McGahn laid out a conservative vision for judicial appointments during an address to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Thursday. “Judicial selection and deregulation are the flip side of the same coin,” McGahn said, emphasizing how legislative policy and judicial appointments are intrinsically interlinked. McGahn went on to praise the staunchly constitutionalist Trump appointee to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch, who has thus far demonstrated an unflinching commitment to conservative values. “What really resonated with the president was [that] he was someone with impeccable credentials, wonderful character, great man, frankly stuck his neck out on… Keep Reading

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The Donald: “‘I’m Not Representing the Globe; I’m Representing Your Country”

President Donald Trump returned to CPAC on Friday, receiving a rock star welcome from the packed ballroom. He kicked off the speech defending his assertion on Twitter that the media was the “enemy of the people,” vowing to combat their “fake news” stories. “A few days ago I called the fake news ‘the enemy of the people,’ and they are. They are the enemy of the people,” he stated, criticizing their “dishonest coverage” of his administration. Trump admitted that the media was very upset by his repeated criticisms, however that he would proceed to take action, citing the First Amendment. Keep Reading

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Mike Pence: “Israel’s fight is our fight, its cause is our cause and her values are our values”

Vice President Mike Pence spoke to the Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday night, where he laid out the new administration’s top priorities. Speaking to the GOP’s conservative base, Pence took a really robust position in support of the state of Israel. “I’m proud to stand with the president, who stands with our most important ally, the Jewish state,” Pence told the audience of conservative activists. “Israel’s fight is our fight, its cause is our cause and her values are our values,” the VP said to a standing ovation. The VP’s feedback come a week after President Donald Trump met with Israeli Prime… Keep Reading

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The Divide of CPAC 2016

A unified conservative front was nowhere to be found at the Conservative Political Action Conference this year. While standing in the two-hour line to get into the ballroom on Friday, I watched as a young woman was introducing herself to a group of students. The students wore “Dump Trump” pins on their CPAC lanyards and were vocal about their dislike of the candidate. Hesitantly, the young woman wove into the conversation a question that seemed to be lingering on her mind for a while: “Would you guys consider being friends with someone who supports Donald Trump?” She was a Trump supporter, and… Keep Reading

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Where Have All The CPAC Libertarians Gone?

The halls of the Conservative Political Action Conference were not humming with the excitement of liberty as it has been in years past. The Conservative Political Action Conference in 2015 was as close to a libertarian dream as the conference has ever come. Enthusiastic young libertarians, optimistic that liberty would prevail in the 2016 election, proudly sported their Stand With Rand shirts draped in pro-liberty stickers and pins. Panels were presented incorporating libertarian ideas, such as the Privacy versus Security debate with Judge Andrew Napolitano and The Red Pill or The Blue Pill? A Debate on Marijuana Legalization with Governor… Keep Reading

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