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DOJ and FBI subjected Trump to Watergate without the break-in

Two recently declassified documents offer chilling details on how deeply Department of Justice and FBI leaders intervened in the 2016 election, to advance Hillary Clinton and stymie Donald J. Trump. GOP senators Charles Grassley of Iowa and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina penned a,January 4 criminal referral against former British spy Christopher Steele. A January 18 memo by House Intelligence Committee Republicans outlines DOJ and FBI abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC). These records confirm actions by Trump haters atop DOJ and FBI to assure Hillary’s election and foil Trump’s nascent government by deceiving federal judges (in another branch of government) and manipulating America’s… Keep Reading

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Trump Attacks ‘Little Schiff’: “One of the biggest liars and leakers in Washington”

President Trump continued lashing out at critics of a controversial memo that aimed to shoot holes in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, mocking the highest Democrat on a House committee as “Little Adam Schiff” and calling him certainly one of Washington’s “biggest liars and leakers.” “Little Adam Schiff, who is desperate to run for higher office, is one of the biggest liars and leakers in Washington, right up there with Comey, Warner, Brennan and Clapper! Adam leaves closed committee hearings to illegally leak confidential information. Must be stopped! ” Trump wrote on Twitter. He was mentioning former top intelligence community officials… Keep Reading

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FISA Memo Shock! Illegal Warrants, Egregious Political Bias, and Coverup at the FBI

House Republicans charge that the FBI used info from a file on Russia’s supposed links to President Trump to obtain a warrant to spy on a former Trump aide without disclosing that Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC paid for it. “The ‘dossier’ compiled by Christopher Steele on behalf of the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign formed an essential part of the Carter Page FISA application,” the memo read, referring to the British ex-spy and the former aide. But although the feds used damaging info from the file, they never disclosed that funding source, the memo states, and so… Keep Reading

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Trump Planning to Release FBI FISA Memo to the Public

President Trump on Friday will “probably” give Congress the OK to release a memo that accuses the feds of illegally spying on one of his ex-advisers, a senior administration official stated Thursday.       The official stated the choice was made after the president and White House officials examined the memo over the previous few days to ensure that “it doesn’t give away too much in terms of classification,” referring to classified materials. “The president is OK with it,” the official stated. “I doubt there will be any redactions. It’s in Congress’ hands after that.” Keep Reading

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Winning Big League: ‘Loser’ McCabe Out, FISA Memo Going Public!

The House Intelligence Committee voted Monday to make public a Republican memo that reportedly reveals abuses by the FBI and Department of Justice in launching the Russia investigation in opposition to President Trump. Democrats tried to thwart the release of what they imagine is an exposing political document that aids Trump, however Republicans argued the general public ought to see how the Russia probe into the president’s campaign was tainted from the beginning. Rep. Peter King (R-L.I.) made the motion at the private committee hearing to release the classified memo that he stated exposes how FBI officials abused international surveillance powers for domestic political purposes. “The public… Keep Reading

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