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Ron Paul Supporter Wins Republican Primary In Georgia’s 9th Congressional District

State Rep. Matt Gurtler won the first round of the Republican primary in Georgia’s 9th congressional district on Tuesday, according to a report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Gurtler came first in the primary, receiving 21.5% of the vote. He will now face a run-off election on August 11 against second place candidate Andrew Clyde, who has not sought political office before. Former U.S. Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA), another libertarian-leaning candidate, came in fourth place with 13.4%. Given the district is safe Republican, the winner of this runoff will almost certainly go on to represent the district in the U.S. House… Keep Reading

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Conservative Optimism Revealed by Ossoff Loss

In his article for The Nation – Jon Ossoff’s Loss Should Be a Lesson to Corporate Democrats – D.D. Guttenplan (is that even a real name? It doesn’t sound like a real name) writes, “To win Democrats need to tell voters what they’re for—and to do that effectively, they need to stop running scared and let progressives, who don’t need focus groups or consultants to know what we’re for, take the lead.” This is standard liberal fare: The problem isn’t that they have bad policies, it’s that they didn’t explain them well enough. Obama was the master of this approach… Keep Reading

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Obama Attacks Moscow to Salvage His Legacy

Try as he might to salvage what’s left of his tarnished legacy, President Obama can’t seem to avoid humiliating himself on his way out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. A year or two ago it became painfully apparent that George W. Bush was no longer a viable excuse for Mr. Obama’s own failings and since that time our outgoing Lame-Duck-in-Chief has been grasping desperately for some new bogeyman to point to for the cause of his presidential woes. The latest bogeyman/strawman/red herring has in recent months become Russia and its strongman president, Vladmir Putin. I won’t get into the gory details… Keep Reading

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