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Making of a Tragedy: The Cowards of Broward County

In the wake of all mass shootings, the predictable exhortation from the conservative corner of our national discourse is to wait before injecting politics into the discussion. It’s out of respect for the dead, it’s an instinct to not use these tragic victims as political footballs. This isn’t a competition between dueling ideologies. The Left has no such qualms about instantly leaping to their emotionally charged conclusions and maybe they have a point. Maybe it’s more disrespectful to the victims to not politicize their untimely deaths. Maybe the most respectful thing we could do is to leap directly into action.… Keep Reading

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Assault Weapons: America’s Final Barrier to Tyranny

In what has become a grim routine, some sickeningly look to capitalize on the mass outpouring of anger and grief following mass shootings to push a political agenda – namely, the implementation of so-called “common-sense” gun control. Debates on the issue, much like the recent town-hall discussion hosted by CNN, regularly devolve into kangaroo courts where those who oppose “common-sense” reforms are interrogated, bullied, and demonized. “If you’re not with us, you’re with the child murderers,” is their slogan of choice. Keep Reading

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