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Report: Trump Wanted to Sack Mueller

President Trump reportedly ordered that special counsel Robert Mueller be fired in June however backed off from the controversial move when the White House chief counsel threatened to resign, it was revealed on Thursday.     The episode has come to the attention of Mueller as he interviews numerous White House officials through the probe into whether or not Trump obstructed justice in the Russia inquiry, according to The New York Times. Keep Reading

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Rep. DeSantis Calls For Congress To End Phony Trump-Russia Investigation

A prominent Congressman is finally stepping up, and calling for an end to the Trump-Russia hysteria that Democrats–and even some Never Trump Republicans–have been pushing ever since Trump beat Hillary Clinton last November. “Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein defended against criticism of his handling of the amorphous “Russia investigation” by saying that the Department of Justice “doesn’t engage in fishing expeditions.” Yet, his clumsy management of this matter is the reason why many Americans are concerned that the investigation lacks focus and will veer into unrelated matters, thereby extending the probe far into the future and hampering the ability of… Keep Reading

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