Tear Down the UN and Build The Wall

Last Wednesday, it was announced that, by way of executive fiat, the United States would begin scaling back its financial support of the United Nations (UN). It was the same day our new President signed an order which jump-starts the construction of his long promised wall along the US-Mexico border. At face value it would seem these two imperatives bare no similarity except for the expanded exertion of executive hegemony over our national governance.

There’s more to this picture than meets the eye.

For too long the United States has sacrificed its sovereignty on the altar of globalism, all at the behest of an international body dominated by tyrannical violators of the most basic tenets of common decency. Compounding the insult of this cowardly cow-towing to the will of wicked world rulers is our leaders’ craven offering up of hard earned tax dollars to fund the UN’s impotent initiatives. The science behind climate change is far from settled and the Paris Agreement accomplishes nothing, yet our money continues to flow to UN climate change research. On the subject of violating human rights, the UN makes a mockery of humanity when they appoint torturers and mass executioners as members of the Human Rights Council. The bill for much, if not most, of this farce is footed by the United States of America.

Those days are now, at long last, over. Our new president has taken dramatic but necessary steps to reclaim our sovereignty and treasure from the bastard child of the failed League of Nations. The vast savings from this maneuver could most definitely be better spent elsewhere, and that brings us to The Wall.

Mexican presidents, past and present, insist in no uncertain – and frequently colorful – terms that their country will not be paying for The Wall, despite President Trump’s constant assertions to the contrary. Much to the glee of the desperate Left, Mr. Trump has conceded his new government will be moving forward with the authorization and construction of The Wall, with or without Mexico’s immediate fiscal compliance. Mr. Trump assures us that, in some manner, Mexico will indeed reimburse us for the cost of constructing this much needed bulwark against the soft invasion from the south.

Considering the growing litany of impossible challenges Mr. Trump has deftly surmounted, there seems to be no reason to believe he’s not up to the task. On the question of gathering recompense for the cost of The Wall, there are any number of options available to us by which we may compel Mexico’s cooperation. Taxes on remittances, a recently suggested 20% tax on Mexican imports, and canceling foreign aid are only three of many options. Make no mistake, we will, one way or the other, make Mexico pay. We can squeeze them so hard table-side guacamole would squirt out their ears and they’d be begging us to let them to write a check for the balance. When America moves with purpose, our neighbors north and south quiver, and rightfully so. The unprecedented might of our military muscle often makes it easy to forget our ability to project force by myriad other means.

In the interim, the funds for The Wall must come from somewhere. And that’s where the connection between defunding the UN and building The Wall comes into play.

The wealth of savings garnered from starving the UN would be best served in constructing Mr. Trump’s monument to the preservation of our dominion. He often says a nation without borders is not a nation at all, which is true enough but the sentiment can be taken further in the fuller context of defunding the UN. A nation which sacrifices its treasure and autonomy to a foreign body populated by hypocrites, murderers, thieves, whores and pimps, cannot call itself a nation either. It is time to reclaim our manifest destiny, our birthright of self-determination both on our immediate borders and in the world beyond our shores.

Draining the swamp doesn’t end in Washington, D.C., it extends beyond the confines of our homeland to every edge of the globe, to every feeble seat of power on earth that seeks to suckle at the teat of America’s enormous generosity and wealth. Reclaiming our riches from the vile clutches of the UN and putting each red cent to work on The Wall is more than a tangible expression of America’s unique and awe-inspiring might, it is a symbol of our irresistible drive to be our own nation, unbeholden to the shameless panhandling of world leaders who at once both laugh at our exceptionalism and seek to profit by it.

We are once again a nation that will not be taken advantage of by its neighbors, friends and foes alike. We are our own nation, let’s act like it.

Original artwork by Jesse Comeau

By day, Michael Rodgers is a logistics specialist in the aerospace industry. By night, he is an Associate Editor for the Liberty Conservative. He lives and drinks profusely in Dover, New Hampshire.

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