Ted Cruz’s Neocon Problem

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Ted Cruz has been trying to market himself as an acceptable alternative to Rand Paul for liberty minded voters who are looking for a champion in the 2016 election. Recently the publishing of an info graphic by former Liberty Iowa Executive Director Adil Khan and myself brought some very important questions to light regarding Ted Cruz’s foreign policy inner circle. Liberty voters should be seriously concerned by Cruz’s advisory team, as it threatens to be the most war like advisory team since the George W Bush defense department.

This cast of characters should truly horrify any person who cares about civil liberties or a non interventionist foreign policy. It includes a Chertoff group cofounder as a campaign manager, CFR and George W Bush administration members as foreign policy advisors, and enough cringe worthy quotes to fill a short book. Take a look for yourself.

Just to review, in that group of advisers you have a man who called for Edward Snowden to be hanged, a man who wants to bomb Iran, a campaign manager who cofounded a group with Michael Chertoff (who co-authored the Patriot Act), multiple CFR members and ubiquitous connections to the Bush administration. This group of advisers should preclude Ted Cruz from consideration for the votes of liberty activists. Part of believing in individual liberty and the constitution is rejecting the sort of war like posture embodied by the neocons, and Cruz has instead embraced the very worst members of that group. Our job as a movement is to defeat the neocons, not trust their advice on the most pressing issues of our day. Ted Cruz’s goals clearly do not line up with those of the liberty movement.


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