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So the “Unite the Right” rally has come and gone…and now I can no longer say that “…the alt-right, for all of its many flaws, has never killed or committed bodily harm upon somebody.”

In looking at the driver of the car that ran down and killed that woman, it turns out that James Fields is the walking embodiment of the media’s caricature of anybody to the right of Joseph Stalin: a violent Neo-Nazi LARPer who attempted to join the military but got rejected due to mental health issues. While there is some new evidence to show he was surrounded by antifa protesters beating his car with baseball batsthe fact remains that Fields is not what anyone would call an exemplar of human behavior.

One might ask why this clown was involved with this rally at allthe reason being that this rally was intended to, as its name implied, unite the alt-right, new right, and all of the other disparate right-wing political groups that were only connected by their disdain for leftists. And therein lies the problem. They were aiming to plant the seeds that would inevitably bear bitter fruit at some point down the line, but it backfired spectacularly.

I said it two years ago, and then again last year, and I’ll repeat it again: NAZIS ARE NOT PEOPLE WE SHOULD BE INVOLVED WITH. Ignoring the fact that Nazism has less than any connection to American history and/or culture, let me repeat the fact that THE NAZIS LOST. They are literally losers.

More than that, I have still not received a coherent answer as to how these people who are (whether it be directly or indirectly) responsible for the deaths of more white people than any other group in history are supposed to be great heroes and paragons of the white race. Considering that the original Nazis were a bunch of jagweeds anyway, what does that say about their uglier, stupider, poorer, and infinitely more pathetic intellectual progeny?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that anybody who supports a tinpot dictatorship from 80 years ago in a completely different country from theirs is probably a moron. I’ve said for at least the past year that someone who is that stupid and/or insane is not somebody we want to deal with, and now I’ve gotten vindication for expressing these “cucky” views.

The idea that “the various ethnies of white people have unique and beautiful cultures that deserve to continue to exist, white people shouldn’t be constantly guilt-tripped, and white people shouldn’t be driven into extinction” is a self evident thesis, regardless of the nation in which you’re speaking, and it doesn’t need to be associated with the darkest chapter of one particular country!

For all the talk of “not punching rightward,” we’ve forgotten that some people do need to get punched in the head if they’re acting like complete dolts that make the rest of us look bad. And yes, I’m going to say that if the alt-right or the new right, or whatever form of “non-mainstream, anti-cuckservative right” you subscribe to is going to survive, they have to do two things, one after the other:

1) Make it clear that Nazi LARPers have no place

Once again, I think recent events have proven that these people are going to be a burden. Whether they’re earnest or “ironic” in the silly Daily Stormer mold, they all have to be kicked out. Even if you ignore the historical illiteracy they show, take a casual glance at the personal lives of James Fields, or Andrew Anglin, or literally any of the staff of The Right Stuffnothing but a pack of louts and degenerates. Do you want to associate with them?

And on a similar note…

2) Make it clear that we’re about positivity and love of white people, not hate for non-whites

I want to make it clear: I do not want to “cuck” the movement that has been built; rather, I want to continue pushing hate facts, promote positive images of white people, help white people fight for their collective interests effectively, and stop the endless guilt tripping and deconstructionism of white culture and history.

However, I do NOT wish to aggress and bring hatred and violence towards non-white people. I feel that spreading a message of self-respect and positivity is much more palatable to the normies than screaming “GAS THE KIKES RACE WAR NOW!” Not only that, if we’re seen as being peaceful and non-hateful, it makes it much harder for the media to paint us as the villain. Like it or not, the non-violent resistance of the civil rights movement did work.

To repeat and paraphrase another statement I’ve made in the past: Last year I changed my website’s “alt-right” tag to “neomasculinity,” and I STILL haven’t regretted it once. And every day I look at the trainwreck the alt-right has become, I regret it even less.

Larsen Halleck is best known as the fitness and nutrition writer for Return of Kings, but also writes at his own website The Barbaric Gentleman, and also makes Youtube videos You can follow him at his aforementioned website and Youtube channels, as well as on Twitter, and on Gab

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