The Evolution Of Anti-Trumpism

In the beginning was the word, and the word was that Trump is Putin’s marionette.  And there is a secret collusion between Putin and Trump.  Then we were assured that not Trump himself, but his close associates were involved in a criminal conspiracy with the Kremlin.  This narrative soon was replaced by the story that Trump’s men had no criminal ties with the Russians.  Instead, they suspiciously met them often and even dared (what a horror!) to talk to them on the phone to do business with them, like selling inexpensive condos in Florida to Russian oligarchs at inflated prices.

Then the media explained to us that these covert meetings should be considered in the context of hacker attacks (by Russians, of course) on the computer systems of the DNC, Hillary Clinton campaign and the voting infrastructure in two dozen states.  After some time, we were reassured that these attacks did not change the result of the vote tally.

Later, the situation changed.  We were told that Trump and his entourage have nothing to do with the Russian probe and that the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller simply investigates how the scheming Russians used their U.S.-based media connections to fool the electorate.

Subsequently, we were told that the wily Russians bombarded social networks like Facebook and Twitter with paid ads to put pressure on American citizens.  However, we were assured that the total amount spent by devilishly cunning Russians on Facebook was about a hundred thousand dollars.  Half of which was spent after the elections.  And only half of that was against Hillary. After that, even those Americans who were previously concerned about this supposed scandal began to laugh.

Mostly because the citizens of America can count money.  And everyone knows perfectly well that an attempt to tarnish any politician in America costs several orders of magnitude more than 100k. Over the past year, the narrative of “Russian collusion” has been evolving in only one direction – farther and farther away from Donald Trump, and closer and closer to Hillary Clinton.

Then the Washington swamp decided to use the “nuclear option.”  They attempted to change the narrative dramatically. And we were suddenly allowed to “learn” about the sexual adventures of Hollywood bosses.  Well, it came as no surprise what was happening behind the scenes. Nothing is new here since the days of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece.

American citizens were entertained by the story of the sexual endeavors in Hollywood, and the “Russian collusion” story was forgotten temporarily. The Hollywood scandal came to the joy of those who protected Clinton’s clan for many years. But, to their great regret, the spicy Hollywood drama only lasted for two weeks (although it has made a return with actor Kevin Spacey’s tacit admission to making sexual advances toward an underage boy).

Finally, we were told the actual truth. The truth that was hidden for a year – it was Hillary Clinton and her supporters from the DNC who concocted the fairy tale that Trump is a Russian puppet. They were the vast wing of conspirators who paid for Trump’s “Russian dossier.” As in the “pay for play” Hollywood bosses, no one doubts that Trump’s campaign did the same thing and paid good money for any compromising material against Hillary Clinton.

The panic of the Washington swamp relates to the fact that they allowed a monstrous, unforgivable Freudian slip.  Trump was accused of the same thing that the Clintons were involved in – criminal relations with the Russians.

Not only were the Clintons and not their entourage caught in the Uranium-gate scandal, but also many senior officials of the Obama administration from the FBI, the Department of Justice, and the State Department were implicated in receiving bribes from Russians and racketeering in the sale of uranium.

Former FBI Director Robert Mueller likely overlooked the scandal and whether wittingly or unwittingly hushed the case of Uranium-gate.  He is now a special prosecutor who is running the “Russian probe.” The prosecutor in the uranium case was Obama’s protege, Rod Rosenstein, who now holds the position of Deputy Attorney General of the United States.  It was he who appointed his friend Mueller as a special prosecutor. Mueller’s investigation is mainly based on the “Russian dossier,” which, as we now know, was fabricated by an order of Hillary Clinton.

Anti-Trump hysteria has evolved to its natural end. But one question still bothers me: If this concocted Russian Trump scandal is nothing more than a giant Freudian slip, then who was that person from the Hillary Clinton entourage participating in the presentation of the “golden shower” in Moscow?

I suspect it may be a person who is very close to Hillary, known for his oval office cigar mischief and other sexual adventures.

Gary Gindler holds Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics. Amateur WWII Historian and Numismatist. XVIII century Classical Liberal = XXI century Conservative. He blogs at Gary Gindler Chronicles.

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