The “Free Syrian Army” Whines After President Trump Cuts Off Their Federal Aid

It is no secret that Syrian terrorists were, more or less, on the federal payroll during the Obama administration. Former President Obama, with support from partisan Democrats and neoconservatives, followed the policy of encouraging terrorists to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. This would have created a situation analogous to what occurred in Libya or Iraq after American foreign interventions rocked those countries.

But the so-called “Free Syrian Army” got a rude awakening this week that there is a new sheriff in town after news broke that Trump ended a CIA program designed to help them overthrow the Assad government.

“Certainly this decision will have results and consequences on the Syrian scene, particularly in the north and the south. The halt of support to the FSA by the international community is a factor in escalation of Assad’s strength and the strength of the extremist groups,” the FSA commander said.

While the “Free Syrian Army” has been floated as a valiant fighting force by the Western media, their results in actuality have been lacking. The Financial Times published a profile on the Free Syrian Army back in February, and reported on how the CIA’s men in Syria were losing ground in their battle to take down Assad.

The profile showed widespread corruption and malfeasance resulting from the CIA program that began under Obama. The article also mentioned how American weapons were loosely tracked, and often ended up in the hands of ISIS fighters. Also, Syrians felt that Americans were not reliable partners.

“They’re not allies, they’re liars. When you have allies like Syrians have, you don’t need enemies,” an anonymous rebel fighter in Syria told the Financial Times.

While the arming of certain terrorists to overthrow leaders in foreign countries was clearly the norm during previous regimes, Trump is showing that he is changing the guard when it comes to foreign policy in at least one nation. Assad’s chances of staying in power over Syria are looking better with each passing day.


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