The Left Loves Mass Shootings


Hayley Geftman-Gold, recently fired from her job as Vice President for CBS New York, wrote on Facebook that she has no sympathy for the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. This is the reason she was fired, and good for CBS to do the right thing in that regard. Since Geftman-Gold’s remarks, there have been a slew of similar statements posted by private citizens who seemingly have no fear of their candor causing any hiccups in their careers.

The comments are a grab-bag of vapid hate speech, most of them are celebratory declarations and sanctimonious denunciations that have become all too common among the Left: white privilege, digs at country music, and applause for the murder of ‘Trumptards’ are all on display across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and anywhere else these despicable nitwits can find a soapbox for their depravity.
Keep in mind, there are only a handful of people who are stupid enough to say what they’re really thinking. Just imagine how many people you know  the ones who smile at you and shake your hand in public  who really wish you were shot to death at in a country music concert in Vegas because of your pro-America political beliefs. Mull that over the next time an acquaintance at work or at the bar smiles at you and shakes your hand.

There’s nothing surprising about this. For all the Left’s indignation about hate speech, they rarely possess any self-awareness or enough class to turn their critical eye inward. Introspection is for privileged cisgendered white males who grew up in a two parent household. Good taste and self-examination are signs of privilege, and the Left wants nothing to do with that. Perhaps that’s why they’ve become such a freakshow. Two parent households, stable employment, children after marriage, and a healthy-lifestyle are now shunned, and the result is the Left has become a pathological pack of morally rotten, gender-confused fanatics.

They say misery loves company. The Left won’t be happy until everyone is just as miserable as they are. They want every American to become an ingrate who loathes the family unit, the church, traditional values, and every other aspect of our heritage that once made this nation great. What they want are single-children from single-parent households, the kind who barely make it through failing schools only to become addicted to pharmaceuticals and dependent on a cycle of poverty instigated by their own government.

No wonder some folks go crazy and snap the way Stephen Craig Paddock did. From a young age, people are told life has no value, it isn’t even really human while in the womb, and that it’s often an inconvenient cluster of inhuman cells. If we can justify exterminating our young when it pleases us, what’s to stop any maniac from drawing the conclusion that no life is precious? If innocent life is worthless, what about people who have been around for a few decades who have surely committed their fair share of transgressions? It logically follows that their lives can be taken as well.

If we won’t value innocent life, we can’t argue that there’s anything wrong with treating guilty life with equal or greater disdain and ultimately violence of action. Only a flagrant and prolific hypocrite would try to square that circle. There’s only one side of the political divide in this country which boldly proclaims that life possesses inherent value. It isn’t the left side.

The NRA and the Republican Party didn’t force cultural rot upon our country by way of smut peddlers like Hugh Hefner (good riddance) and an education system that encourages teenagers to kill their own babies to escape accountability for their immaturity. Conservatives haven’t promoted the decimation of the family unit and the belief that life is valued only some of the time when we feel like it. That’s all on the left. If they want a society in which people enjoy a mutual regard for one another’s dignity and value, they should probably do what they can to grow the institutions that have been historic safeguards against the kind of societal decay that we’re experiencing, namely the family and the church.

Our decline into the abyss hasn’t happened in spite of the left’s bountiful compassion because the left possesses no real compassion. The decline has happened because the Left places value on glorifying filth, hedonism, mental illnesses, infanticide, and the adoration of an authoritarian state. This is their fault. Period. Besides, the left has always loved mass shootings. When they were in power in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, it was one of their favorite ways of disposing of undesirables. They upped the ante in accordance with their supposed veneration of science when Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger became the poster child of eugenics. To this day her work is responsible for slaughtering more black lives than the KKK could in a thousand years.

But I digress…

The left’s demented fixation on mass violence is of a different flavor in this day and age. Their love of mass shootings isn’t due to their preference of it as a means of silencing their opposition. They love it because it gives them another cross to bear, as if they needed another. It’s a neat parlor trick to create a problem and then claim to have the solution. This is a vintage snake oil sales strategy. After decades of instigating the moral demise of our culture, they now brag about their capacity to fix it. And how do they plan on fixing it? With law! They plan to legislate us into a greater state of probity!

You can try to legislate morality, but at the end of the day, people are going to be people, a plain fact that makes a mockery of the fatuous plans of the Left. Criminals regularly circumvent and disobey laws, after all, that’s what makes them criminals. Pass all the laws you want, people are going to break them which is why we have prisons full of murderers and rapists despite unequivocal dictates against those crimes.

The left made this mess, and they have no clue how to fix it (And if they fixed it, they’d have one less thing to bitch about so how serious can they really be?). The problem they’ve created is far more insidious than the gun industry and their Washington lobbyists. It’s far worse than the NRA and the GOP. This is a cultural disease that poisons every corner of our country. You can’t criminalize it.

We need the Second Amendment now more than ever. The left allows no crisis to go to waste and one day they very well may have the votes in Congress and a complicit White House to obliterate our right to keep and bear arms. The best way to protect our rights is by exercising them openly and freely whenever we can. We must be constantly laying the groundwork for the perpetuation of not just this right, but all of them.

Because if the left can excise the Second Amendment, they can remove them all. At that point the left’s fixation on mass shootings as an impetus for removing the Second Amendment will transform to what it was during the Holocaust, Holodomor, and the Great Leap Forward. We won’t have to fear some lone nutcase in a hotel room shooting sixty people to death; instead, we’ll have to fear our government murdering sixty million people. Do the math.

This is the crux of the issue. The reason we need more gun ownership, not less, isn’t only because an increase in gun ownership has coincided with an historic decrease in gun homicides (although that is true). The reason we must persist in our exercise of the Second Amendment, is this: Our rights are more important than our lives.

Read that again.

My right to publish this article, buy a firearm, to be secure in my person and property, and be free from a burdensome tyrannical government is more important than my life. This goes for you as well. It goes both ways too because your rights are more important than my life and vice versa. And think about this: When men and women join the armed forces, they understand the risk that one day they may have to pay the ultimate price to protect our rights and our liberties. It’s not unreasonable to suggest that we non-military citizens of the United States also assume that risk.

Now is not the time to cave in to cowardly fear mongering and demands that we neuter the Second Amendment. Now is the time to find our courage and stand in the face of fear, to stand up to both the cowards who fire bullets as well as the cowards whose reaction to the bullets is to disarm the courageous innocent. If we don’t find that courage, the cowards disarming us now will become the cowards firing the bullets at us later.

By day, Michael Rodgers is a logistics specialist in the aerospace industry. By night, he is an Associate Editor for the Liberty Conservative. He lives and drinks profusely in Dover, New Hampshire.

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