The Many Reasons Why Conservative Missourians Will Reject “Open Borders” Austin Petersen

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Since announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, former Libertarian Party presidential candidate Austin Petersen has piqued the interest of Missouri conservatives seeking a candidate to unseat left-wing incumbent Claire McCaskill. A candidate with national prominence like Petersen would initially appear to be an ideal nominee in one of the most closely watched races of 2018. However, the more Republicans will learn about Petersen the less they will like him. Here are five reasons (of many) why Austin Petersen is not fit to represent Missourians:

Immigration: Petersen supports allowing countless illegal immigrants to come across the United States border and become citizens to vote in our elections. In a YouTube video titled “Austin Petersen on Immigration,” he proclaimed his support for open borders, a radical leftist position on immigration which would allow millions of unskilled illegals to flood across our border. Petersen also supports granting these illegals amnesty which would allow them to affect American elections.

Abortion: Petersen claims to be pro-life. This assertion, however, is disingenuous regarding his views on abortion. Petersen does not support any anti-abortion legislation. He supports having the federal government allow abortions to stay legal, stating, “Although I am pro-life, I do not think the government should be involved in legislating abortion.” Thus, Petersen’s position is exactly the same as most left-wing liberals on abortion: he does not personally like that people are murdering unborn babies yet would do absolutely nothing to stop this atrocity.

Religion: Petersen is hostile towards Christianity. As reported by PJ Media, Petersen shared an article from his clickbait website on his Facebook page. The article, entitled ‘Top 10 Reasons Mother Teresa Was a Fraud,’ managed to denigrate the venerated and newly sainted nun. The piece accuses Mother Teresa of supporting dictators, of “being out for herself,” and of putting medical care second to reaching people with the gospel. Although Petersen’s openly atheist views may not be disqualifying alone, his contemptuous and insulting attitude towards the religious seals the deal.

Lack of Conservatism: Petersen wants Republicans to vote for him, but he refused to vote for Republicans as recently as November. Out of eight races, Petersen voted against the Republican in seven of them. This includes the President, Governor, and the nail-biter U.S. Senate race where a far-left liberal nearly won. Petersen spent 2016 insulting Trump and his supporters. After Trump won Missouri by 19 points, he promptly flip-flopped, claiming on Twitter that he’s “ready to Make America Great Again.” Unfortunately for Petersen, the damage has already been done. Republicans of the Show-Me State will not be fooled by such outright dishonesty.

Immaturity: Petersen has spent the entirety of his adult life running click-bait websites. Despite claiming on a sugar daddy website to be a millionaire to lure in young women under false pretenses, his actual finances do not even come near that. He rejects the non-aggression principle, claiming that if it were not for government laws stopping him, he would take whatever he wants by force. He runs a “nonprofit” organization as a slush fund of sorts. He trolls and personally insults critics over the Internet, making vulgar statements such as claiming to swim in “pyramids of p-ssy” while losing his composure in public interviews.

Per the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Constitutional Conservative state representative Paul Curtman, a Marine veteran, is poised to enter the Senate race. Curtman, who in 2012 endorsed then-Congressman Ron Paul’s Presidential campaign, has spent the last seven years voting for fiscal responsibility and protecting civil liberties. He has the record to back up his rhetoric. Curtman provides the Senate race with its first serious, principled candidate who can actually defeat Claire McCaskill. As such, there is absolutely no reason for Missouri Republicans to vote for a pro-open borders, pro-choice, anti-religion, anti-Republican child like Austin Petersen.

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