Thomas Massie: Push by Amash, Neocons, Democrats to Impeach Trump is “Baloney”

While most Republicans are breathing a sigh of relief that FBI Director James Comey was relieved of his position, Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) is not among them. He has counteracted his traditional ally, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), to side with neoconservatives such as Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and demand an independent investigator to look into connections between Trump and Russia.

Amash didn’t stop there. He has openly expressed his disdain for Trump, saying that he trusts Comey more than the President. He is even open to working with the Democrats on impeachment efforts if any revelations are uncovered.

Amash’s concerns stem from Trump allegedly advising Comey to brush off an investigation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. While the possibility of nefarious behavior conducted by the President may trouble Amash, Massie summed up his colleague’s worries as “baloney.”

Although Massie laughed off Amash’s concerns, the neocons who have lambasted liberty figures in the Republican Party throughout the years have applauded him.

“All the elected [Republicans] suck except Justin Amash and John McCain. It’s miserable watching party [of] lincoln sink so low,” Louise Mensch, a former British politician turned Putin-obsessed fantasist, said on her Twitter account. In February, Mensch accused Rand Paul of being a Russian asset.

Commentator Jennifer Rubin has written dozens of articles for the Washington Post over the years obsessively attacking liberty figures within the Republican Party. On Twitter, she praised Amash for working with the Democrats to investigate and possibly impeach Trump. She said, “THIS is what we need more of” and suggesting in a follow-up tweet that Amash “round up some people to make a majority [with] Dems for special prosecutor.”

If Amash continues to side with liberals and neoconservatives against populists, conservatives and libertarians, it is hard to imagine him gaining any serious influence within politics to legislate a limited government and free market agenda.


  1. Amash once was the darling of libertarian/conservatives. His anti-Trump views has put him in the neo-con camp. Too bad because he has lost all his creds. Massie’s solid.

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