THUGS: Homeless, Elderly, Black Trump Supporter Assaulted by Mob


On Friday, a homeless woman who had been guarding Donald Trump’s vandalized star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was assaulted by a group of anti-Trump thugs.


The video, posted by Facebook page Daily Reminder, is disturbing, and can be viewed here.

In the video, a large Hispanic man can be seen pulling signs from the homeless African American woman’s hand, and proceeding to rip them up.

“Get your ass outta here, bitch,” someone yells at the elderly woman.

As the woman packs up her things to leave, the same Hispanic man begins pulling out the contents of her cart and throwing them to the ground. Jeers of “bitch” and “get your ass outta here, bitch” can be heard from the racially diverse group of people watching.

“Didn’t I tell you, didn’t I tell you?”, a black man repeats.

At approximately the 1:06 mark in the video, an African American hand can be seen coming in the top right side of the frame and grabbing the woman by the shirt, throwing her to the ground.

The woman curls into the fetal position as jeers and laughs can be heard coming in from the surrounding crowd.

As the woman is curled up, people kick her basket and continue to steal her signs.

And then, the most disturbing part of the video: a black man leans down over the woman and blames her for the whole incident.

“You spewed hate,” the thug apologist tells the elderly woman who has just been assaulted and robbed, “and you got hate. You got exactly what you were dishing out.”

We have been unable to confirm whether or not the woman had been dishing out robberies and assaults on people twice her age and half her weight.

“Where’s Donald Trump to save you now, huh?,” a woman laughed from the crowd.

“Hey, where Donald at?”, the crowd continued mocking the beaten, homeless, and motionless African American woman as she lay robbed and alone on the sidewalk.

Early voting has begun in many states and concludes on November 8th, and based on the video, it is clear who these thugs hate.

As the old saying goes: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”


  1. That’s just how Liberals spread their love among the “haters”. No one hates like the left, but they label all their critics as “haters”. They are too stupid to understand irony or hypocrisy.

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