Time Magazine names Donald Trump “Person of the Year”

Time Magazine announced their 2016 Person of the Year this morning. Of all the politicians and figures considered this year, the editorial board gave Republican President-Elect Donald Trump the title.

Time Editor Nancy Gibbs noted the unprecedented candidacy of Trump, referring to his unconventional campaign and impact on world events.

This is certainly true, given that Trump from the beginning was never supposed to amount to anything. In a race that started out as former Florida Governor Jeb Bush’s to lose, it cycled through the contenders ranging from neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson to Senator Ted Cruz as America lived in denial that Trump could actually do it.

Regardless of whether individuals like the controversial businessman or not, this is a significant development and likely the right decision. His ability to be a newsmaker and conquer the headlines has been enormous.

In just over a month, the Republican businessman and now Time Person of the Year will be taking over the Presidency for Barack Obama.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


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