Author: Chatham House, London

A Tipsy, Candid Nigel Farage Admits His Bromance with Trump Has Hit the Skids

After Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton to win the Presidency last year, Nigel Farage was all smiles. The infamous shot of him partying at Trump Tower next to the incoming President gave hope to anti-globalists everywhere that the men would be working together intimately in the years to come, but their bromance has quickly fallen to pieces.

Officially retired from his post as UKIP leader, Farage has embarked upon a British tour. While drinking and letting loose in Hunstanton, Norfolk, Farage admitted that he was hoping for some sort of role as a official British liaison to the U.S. government, but nothing of the sort has developed. In fact, he is feeling shut out from any role of influence with the Trump administration.

Foreign policy is the source of the chasm that has developed between the two populist leaders. A source close to the White House National Security Council told the Daily Star that “Trump was far from pleased when Farage criticised his decision to send missiles into Syria.”

After Trump ordered a missile strike against Syrian President Bashir al-Assad over chemical weapons attacks he denied carrying out, Farage said, “Many Trump voters will be worried about this military intervention. Where will it end?” This criticism has Farage on the outs with the Trump administration, and behind-the-scenes developments in the Trump White House are doing Farage no favors.

“The wind has changed very quickly for Nigel,” an insider close to Farage told the Daily Mail. “Bannon’s loss of influence to Ivanka and the internationalists mean his influence has waned quickly. He won’t get Fox News ringing him up to appear if they don’t think he has a line into the Oval Office.”

While this news may mean Farage is shut out of the American political fray, he continues his meteoric rise to the top of British politics. In addition to his combative post in the European Union parliament, he is now hosting a daily talk radio show on the London Broadcasting Company. With the Brexit now an undeniable political reality, expect Farage’s stock to continue to soar across the pond.

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