WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 02: Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) listens to testimony during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Capitol Hill, February 2, 2016 in Washington, DC. The committee heard testimony on a recent decision to open combat units to women. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Tom Cotton Takes The Initiative for Immigration Patriots against Pro-Amnesty Uniparty

As federal negotiations between the White House and the Senate descend into the high-pressure environment of a government shutdown, the contributions of Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton have been recognized by pro-America immigration patriots as a decisive presence in blocking the attempted amnesty of up to a million DACA illegal aliens.

Senator Cotton, viewed by some as taking up the former mantle of now-Attorney General Jeff Sessions in serving as the voice of American citizens concerned about mass immigration and illegal alien crime-was described by sources familiar with the matter as making the insistence that any potential designation of legal status for DACA recipients would be accompanied by the end of the diversity lottery system, chain migration, or both.

The construction of a ‘big, beautiful’ protective wall on the southern border remains a bargaining chip essential to the ongoing negotiations, although it becomes increasingly clear Senate Democrats would rather fund a wall than give in to the substantial cut in legal immigration that the severing of the two aforementioned programs would entail- a cut described by some as the biggest reform to the American system of immigration since the 1960’s.

To the keen observer of Democratic Immigration policies, this development comes as less of a surprise than some might expect. Anti-wall hysteria aside, the continuation of historic and unprecedented levels of immigration to the United States-enabled and abetted by the chain migration and diversity lottery policies now being discussed in immigration negotiations- represents a key facet in the long-term electoral strategy of Democrats, serving as the tools to bring in tens of millions of people from poor countries with instant guaranteed access to the world-class education, welfare, healthcare, and public services available in the United States commonly used for campaign tactics by the Democratic Party.

Cotton’s steadfast determination for the abolition of chain migration and the diversity lottery have proved to serve as a significant sticking point in senatorial immigration negotiations by Senate Democrats, who prefer to make a “bipartisan deal” with veteran pro-immigration, nominally Republican, ‘amnestiers’ like Lindsey Graham and Jeff Flake.

Cotton’s introduction of a pro-American perspective into the negotiation was even so problematic to Senate Democrats that Senate Minority Leader Chuck ‘Shutdown’ Schumer demanded from the President that he be completely excluded from any final senate immigration agreement.

Unfortunately for the Shutdown Brinksman, Senator Cotton’s presence in negotiation was welcomed as more than acceptable, but as a necessity by President Trump.

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  1. If the Australian system was adopted, fine employers of illegals $200,000 it ends the attraction. Australia has about 60,000 over stay illegals, tiny compared to the US
    Get Putin to design an Iron Curtain type border . Very effective and cheap.
    South Africa had an effective border, electrified, gave you a nasty shock, if you carried on the voltage reached fatal.
    The best thing America can don for Mexico is send them the well educated Dreamers, they will help the Mexican economy revive. In the US they are just pushing down wages and hurting legal Americans,

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