The Trans-World of Make Believe

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During the 70’s and 80’s, Generation X children grew up watching “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”; wholesome programming focused on character development.

Near the end of each episode, good old Fred Rogers would take his young viewing audience on an exciting journey to the “Land of Make Believe”. A kingdom of sorts where imagination could run wild and all life’s problems were resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

Now, fast forward to today and you’re likely to find many on the far left clinging to the idea that Mr. Roger’s “Land of Make Believe” really exists, and why shouldn’t they?

Like a rich kid with no athletic skills and barely able to maintain a C-average, Obama used his position to win over his constituents with charity. Whenever his diehard supporters cried out for special rights and privileges, in many cases, they got it. The only tradeoff, boost his ego and click the like button when he posted selfies.

Remember when he opposed gay marriage? During his presidency, he championed it (which explains all the Ellen appearances). Under Obama, a record high number of Americans were on food stamps. He criticized former President Bush for raising the debt ceiling, then did it himself. And why? To distribute the wealth. So now, our children’s children can deal with the debt long after we’re gone. But, to his loyal users, Obama was hailed as a hero. And finally, let’s not forget the failed universal healthcare system which was cleverly named after him.

It’s safe to say, with the help of the Obama Administration, liberals were able to create an alternate universe where everyone (who supported Obama) were granted certain rights without any consideration how those specialized privileges might infringe on others.

Take for instance the transgender community.

Believing he represented ‘progressive’ ideology, his executive action to allow transgenders to choose which bathroom they could use placed fear into many parents across the United States. As much as he (and his mindless followers) believed nothing bad would happen, he didn’t have to watch either of his daughters go into a public bathroom followed by a strange man.

In addition to shining a spotlight on the transgender issue, it spawned numerous “trans” requests.

Requests which will, likely, not be honored under the Trump Administration, yet could very well win support with state and federal judges.

The word “trans” was originally only associated to those who wanted to change their gender. Where a boy who felt like a girl could claim, (or, using the correct terminology, “self-identify”) that he was a girl, which outweighed every form of biology and science.

However, the “trans” fad no longer just applies to gender.

Because, when you give a child a cookie, what will they want? Milk… and more cookies. Then they’ll want different cookies. Then cake. Then Twinkies. Then you have an obese 7-year-old with diabetes whose parents are suing the companies who “made him that way”.

This new-age trans fad is taking off and people are using it to change more than just their gender.

When you see the narrow-minded liberal elite defying reality with misled concepts, it’s not surprising to see them years down the road wondering how it all went wrong and trying to figure out who to blame.

Of course, liberals aren’t known for their superior ability to look at the big picture or examine the potential consequences of certain actions. They’re definitely more “in the moment” asking the same question over and over, … ”but what about MY feelings?” 

No One Gets Hurt

Democrats work hard at convincing their opposition no one gets hurt. Stating what one chooses to do with their life has no bearing on anyone else’s. At least, that’s what they want the world to accept. Yet, many of their choices do, in fact, overstep people’s comfort zones and safety.

Regardless if you believe in the Big Bang Theory or in a higher power, the world and how it operates was created in a specific manner.

Therefore, as this “trans” fad continues, it’ll slowly become incorporated into our society and, if left unchecked, cause a significant number of changes; changes in our government and society to accommodate the various “self-identities” which continue to evolve.

Transgender Wrestler

In February, national headlines centered on a controversy in Texas where a high school transgender female junior, known as Mack Beggs, competed in a state-wide female wrestling competition.

She won her division, taking home the title for her weight class.

Yet, in the sea of cheers following her title win, Beggs was also washed over with waves of boos.

Critics believed the 17-year-old should have competed with the boys instead of the girls, or not at all. Texas state rules prohibited Beggs from competing in the boy’s league. The State’s rules maintain competitors must wrestle against the gender listed on their birth certificates.

Based on the rules alone, that was the right decision. Yet, the wrong decision was allowing her to compete.

For nearly a year and a half prior to the tournament, Beggs had been injecting testosterone to help with her male transition. In addition to altering her appearance, testosterone also increases muscle mass, giving her an advantage over many of her opponents.

No doubt, she was likely in the gym working out and eating right. By taking testosterone she also gained additional muscle mass, increased bone density, and burned fat quicker.

For years, athletes caught taking performance enhancement drugs were disqualified from competitions or had their titles stripped from them.

However, how will the rules of sports change if men and woman decide to go through a transgender transition? If Lance Armstrong should now claim he was transgender, would he get his medals back?

Testosterone rewards users with strength and endurance without having to put in the work other athletes do.


Michael Jackson’s song, “It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white,” was a positive message about equality; yet, does it apply in our present “trans” world?

For instance, take the former head of the Spokane NAACP chapter Rachel Dolezal, who has declared herself as transracial, “self-identifies” as an African-American woman when, in fact, she’s white.

Both her birth certificate and her biological parents have confirmed Dolezal is caucasian. Regardless, the single mother of three claims to identify mentally, emotionally, and physically as black.

So, what’s the problem with being transracial?

Colleges offer scholarships based on ethnicity. Therefore, could a white man who “self-identifies” as a different race take a scholarship away from someone who rightfully deserves it? Would groups like the NAACP be able to legally prevent someone from holding a higher office within their organization if they were a different ethnic group yet “self-identified” as African American?


What does it mean to be human?

That’s an honest question by people who consider themselves trans-species. Yes, now you can identify as an animal or something which is not even from this world.

A Norwegian woman named Nano (no idea if that’s her birth name) self-identifies as a feline. She wears outfits to look like a cat, paints on whiskers, wears a tale, hisses at dogs, claims she chases animals at night and hates water (which makes one wonder how she cleans herself … ewww).

Unlike transgenders, she was assigned the wrong species.

Since she was 16, Nano accepted that she really felt like she was a feline. The 20-year-old Norwegian claims she visited doctors and psychiatrists who helped her identify the genetic defect in her DNA (If this is true, an investigation needs to be conducted for the doctors and psychiatrists Nano visited. If that’s the conclusion a real physician and psychologist arrived at, both need their licenses pulled).


In addition to choosing your sex, color, and species, you can also “self-identify” as disabled.

Trans-abled is the correct term for people who desire to have a body modification in order to become disabled. Even going as far as to seek medical professionals to perform the procedures.

Take the case of Chloe Jennings-White. A 58-year-old Utah woman who’s physically healthy yet wants to be disabled. She chooses to be wheel-chair bound and wears braces on her legs when walking. However, she takes the braces off when she goes skiing.

This specific trans issue has been classified as a mental disorder by reputable psychologists. It’s called “Body Integrity Identity Disorder”. Those who suffer from it don’t see their body as abled.

In some cases, people want to go as far as to make their disability a reality, seeking a physician’s assistance. In fact, Jennings did find a physician overseas willing to cut her sciatic and femoral nerves, rendering her paralyzed. However, she couldn’t afford the procedure.

If anyone (clearly not in their right mind) would go through with this, and if there’s a legal way for this type of surgery to take place, could the patient ask for disability from their state government?

Liberals are stereotyped as being lazy and living off government handouts. This certainly doesn’t dispel the stigma.


A 52-year-old Canadian man left his wife and seven children (yes, seven) to not only be a transgender woman known as Stefoknee, but has also decided he was a trans-aged 6-year-old.

He spends much of his days playing with dolls, coloring books, and dressing up like a toddler girl.

This story gets even odder as a couple adopted him as their 6-year-old daughter. Which does answers the question, “How does he support himself?” He doesn’t have to. He found a couple willing to enable his mental and emotional problems.

The couple has children and grandchildren as well, who supposedly “accepts his lifestyle”.

He even goes as far as to say he was originally an 8-year-old girl but his (I’m not sure how to classify this) step-sister who’s seven said she wanted a younger sister. Therefore, out of the kindness of his confused mentally disturbed heart, he became a 6-year-old.

Which begs the question, if this were an accepted practice in America, will couples be allowed to claim their newly adopted, trans-aged, mentally unstable roommates as dependents?

Also, could these so-called trans-age individuals basically get away with what a real child would? For example, if they commit a crime, do they go to a regular prison or juvenile hall until they classify themselves as 18-years-old? Can they grope someone and claim to ‘not know any better’? Can they carry out a physical assault without being arrested?

In Summary

According to modern day liberals, there are now six different genders one can choose among.

Even though there’s no confirmation from any reputable sources to validate these made-up self-identities, the far left considers this new-age system of human classification as gospel.

Obama loved the spotlight and responded in ways to maintain it.

His decision to allow transgenders to choose the bathroom of their choice made a number of Americans uneasy. It was evident with how the nation responded to Target when executives came out as huge advocates for the decision, assuming they’d win favor with the American public. The response, however, was anything but favorable. Why? Simple. People were concerned about men using women’s bathrooms.

As liberals argued that pedophile men could assault a young boy in a public restroom, they neglected to consider this gave them additional territory to roam. It’s like a virus, you try to contain it, don’t allow it to spread.

That’s the problem with the “trans” fad going on in our country today. A small percentage of the population is trans and the push for acceptance will cause greater future issues for our nation than it will solve.

This trend validates that the Left hates reality and dismisses science. Democrats demand any form of “trans” be accepted, regardless there’s no scientific evidence to backs up claims that “trans” is a real thing. They want society to accept a man who claims to be a woman, an abled bodied person as disabled, and a human as a cat, yet refuse to consider an unborn child as a living human being, which science does support.

Slowly and subtly, they’re trying to integrate the world of “Make Believe” into reality, asking us all to drink the Kool-aide.

Matthew Cassady is a freelance business writer supporting numerous companies with their content needs. Over the course of his 20-year career, Cassady has worked as a newspaper reporter, copywriter, corporate trainer, and now freelance business writer and Liberty Conservative contributor.

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