Are Transgender Women Setting Women Back?

Be careful what you ask for. You might get it.

For decades, the feminist movement grew stronger and stronger. Women wanted equality and achieved it. From the right to vote to legal abortion, to gender equality. Today women are empowered with no legal restrictions in their way.

Then came the 1990’s, the decade which legalized homosexual marriages. Following that, the Obama administration gave transgenders their moment in the spotlight.

Being politically correct is more of a liberal led initiative. Right up to the time their expected successor Hillary Clinton lost the election, the progressive left prided themselves on being openminded and respected for their tolerance. They were all about equality.

Yet, the equality that women and liberals have fought so hard for is beginning to take an unusual turn.

What began as a huge victory for the feminists fighting so hard for equal rights is now coming full circle in the athletic area. Women’s athletic organizations and education institutions are allowing transgender women (men to women) to compete as their “self-identified gender”.

(Please note: This article will refer to each athlete mentioned as he, regardless what state of the transition process they’re in.)

39-year-old Gavin Hubbard from New Zealand is the first man-to-female transgender from his country to compete in women’s national weightlifting competitions.

Not only does he generally take first place, he does so with lifts significantly heavier than the female runner-up.

Gavin has set four unofficial national titles held by biological women.

41-year-old Fallon Fox is an MMA fighter who’s dominated his competition as a transgender woman.

In many cases, Fox leaves female opponents very badly injured. During one competition, he gave one female opponent a concussion and broke her eye socket (Just think, outside of MMA, men hitting women is a crime).

In his opinion, when women lose to him it is not because of his biological gender, but simply because he’s better than his competition. He is not undefeated and has been knocked out a few times. Yet, still, controversy surrounds the fact that he’s a man competing in a women’s division.  

In 2016, 17-year-old Mack Beggs, from Texas, competed in a state wrestling competition where she won her division.

Unlike Hubbard and Fox, Beggs was required to compete in the women’s division since that’s what was printed on her birth certificate.

Yet, she was taking hormone drugs to alter her appearance to a man, which are known to enhance muscle mass. She ended up winning her division to a mix of crowd cheers and boos.

15-year-old man to woman transgender Andrea Yearwood is an African-American male competing for the Cromwell High School track team in the women’s division.

Unlike Thompson, Hubbard, or Beggs, Yearwood hasn’t done any hormone treatments. He even sports a small mustache. Yet, school officials allow him to complete in the women’s division simply because he “self-identifies” as a woman.

To no surprise, he dominated track meets and took home the Connecticut state title.

One of Yearwood’s teammates, Katie Hall, was the schools top female track star. The aspiring junior is now taking second to Yearwood.

Hall does have mixed feelings regarding Yearwood’s participation in the women’s division. While not wanting to appear judgmental, she’s also not oblivious to the reality of the situation and feels cheated out of a state championship.

In each of these examples, these athletes are taking away positions from women who were star athletes of their gender.

Transgender athletes are breaking records held by biological women. Is it any surprise?

In an interview with Runner’s World, Chris Schwirian, an Ohio University biological sciences lecturer, says men’s times for 100 and 800 meters are faster than women due to having greater muscle mass. Plus, these athletes need to take hormonal treatments to alter their bodies to conform to the opposite gender. These treatments enhance muscle mass, giving them an edge in competition.

Which begs the question, are women athletes in a position to complain about “unlevel playing field” at this point?

Will the majority of liberals see the significant differences between men and woman’s biological design? Has society become so “politically correct” that equality overshadows biology? It’s become apparent as the Left strives to make equality a social justice issue verses dealing with the reality of genders. We’ll likely see sports once again dominated by men and those pretending to be women.

Matthew Cassady is a freelance business writer supporting numerous companies with their content needs. Over the course of his 20-year career, Cassady has worked as a newspaper reporter, copywriter, corporate trainer, and now freelance business writer and Liberty Conservative contributor.


  1. CS Lewis pointed out when you are going the wrong direction the progressive thing to do is turn around and figure out where you took the wrong turn.
    Transgenders are having the positive effect of setting women back, but back on the right track.
    Oh, maybe men with more tolerance for heat and cold, 2x the upper body strength, agility, etc. might be different than women whose anatomy is designed to be a baby factory. Whokudanode?

  2. Randa got in trouble for using drugs that made her more like a man, so yeah being a man is cheating no matter what your doing, don’t be a silly pc bitch and take up for this stupid shit

    • I can’t believe that a group of females has not broken into a (male-only) meeting of Freemasons. The brothers’ reaction would blow the lid off this toilet.

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