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The Treasonous Alliance Between the Left and Islam

The most perplexing and perverse development in our country’s politics over the past decade or so has been the unholy alliance between the so-called “progressive” movement and the pseudo-religious terrorist organization best known as Islam. A degree in the history of Abrahamic faith systems – maybe only Islam in particular – would be helpful in highlighting the absurdity of the Progressive-Muslim pact, but it’s unnecessary – the mind-numbing stupidity of the arrangement is virtually visible from space. On one side, you have snowflake social justice warriors who champion the causes of women and gays, among other things. On the other side, you have an unwashed horde of deviant psychopaths who despise everything their leftist partners uphold as virtuous.

Strange bedfellows indeed.

Empty-headed vulgarians in the west, such as professional imbecile Ashley Judd and washed-up degenerate Madonna, have unfettered access to the benefits of our first amendment and they make use of it much in the same way a drunk fifteen-year-old makes use of his father’s car keys. My older brother is fond of saying, “Having the right to do something doesn’t make it the right thing to do.”

Miss Judd can scream into a microphone all manner of gruesome details about her menstrual cycle and not fear for her well-being. Madonna can even fantasize openly about treasonous violence without any recourse. No doubt both women would welcome with open arms into our homeland foreigners whose first instinct would be to publicly flog (or worse) both of them for their vocal indignation.

Such is the hypocrisy/irony/stupidity of the Left these days. They march for rights they already have, rights that aren’t oppressed, while demanding the entry of barbarians into our country who wouldn’t hesitate to actually implement the draconian, misogynist policies that liberals falsely attribute to President Trump and the Right in general.

There’s nothing wrong with women marching for any reason, even if we on the Right think their reasons are vapid fictions. Women should be proud of their strength, but when they’re taken in by a con artist like Linda Sarsour they betray their message of powerful femininity by becoming chess pieces for a soft invasion that threatens the long-term security of our nation and way of life. And make no mistake, the growing wave of incoming Islamist refugees and migrants is a soft invasion.

In Europe, the unwashed Muslim horde is outbreeding the indigenous inhabitants of France, Germany, Spain, and virtually every other “tolerant” country that will take them, and at a rate of approximately eight to one. In a matter of a few short decades, the whole of Europe will be overrun by the descendants of third world devotees to a primitive violence cult whose sole belief is that the entire world must submit to its evil and entirely mythological god. When the process of out-breeding and out-populating the western inhabitants of Europe is complete, they will begin out-voting them. The invasion will be a success once the Muslim horde has decisively used the laws and institutions of the west against itself. Don’t believe it’s happening? Look to the mayor of London. Look at the devastation in Paris. Closer to home, look at what they’re doing in Dearborn, MI.

This is what a soft invasion looks like. And Madonna, Ashley Judd, and liberal snowflakes the country over are clamoring for more of these foot soldiers to make their home in our country. Transforming Sweden into the rape capital of Europe isn’t enough for the SJWs. They’re so blinded by political correctness and cultural Marxism they’ve lost all semblance of a survival instinct. It isn’t enough for them to happily invite the wholesale destruction of western civilization in Europe. They demand it also for our country as well. In the liberal mind, up is down and black is white. Destruction of thousands of years of real progress is actually cultural enrichment.

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

Ultimately, the only thing the Left and Islam have in common is their mutual hatred of America, our values, traditions, institutions, Constitution, and unique system of democracy. The Left and Islam both want to destroy America, but at least the cave and desert dwellers of the Middle and the Far East have the common decency to be honest about their intentions. Most Muslims have no problem admitting that Sharia transcends our Constitution and that their long-term goal is to conquer the world for their god. We should thank them for being upfront about their wicked intentions.

Liberals, on the other hand, hide their hatred of our country behind a banal veil of compassion for the poor, tired, huddled masses fleeing enclaves of Islamic oppression in the Levant and beyond. Each of these refugees, regardless of the immediate tragedy of their individual circumstances, carries with them the chief imperative of their preposterous and horrific system of belief: Submission of themselves and submission of the infidels (that’s you and I, by the way). The oppression they flee is oppression they carry with them and would impose upon us if given the chance. Don’t believe it? Look at every country where Islam has power and you’ll find a country where power is wildly abused.

I wrote some time ago that we on the Right should attempt to be polite to our liberal friends and open to their maniacal ravings. Since then I have watched the world continue to descend into chaos wrought by the followers of Islam, and I have watched the so-called “progressive” movement continue to embrace these unwashed barbarians as though they deserve compassion. I have decided that my previous approach was well-intentioned but misguided. It’s time to call a spade a spade.

The refugees don’t deserve compassion. They deserve a door slammed in their face. They deserve to be sent packing back to their obliterated native lands to face obliteration themselves either at the hands of their own unbridled tribalist proclivities or under the hellfire of US bombs.

Islam is the enemy of our civilization. It is the enemy of civilization, period. Anyone who welcomes into our homeland those who would disturb and destroy our way of life are not friends, they are not fellow citizens with whom we may frequently but civilly disagree.

Anyone who welcomes the enemy into our homeland is a traitor. We on the Right have been too polite. It’s time to call the Left out for what it is.

Original artwork by Jesse Comeau

By day, Michael Rodgers is a logistics specialist in the aerospace industry. By night, he is an Associate Editor for the Liberty Conservative. He lives and drinks profusely in Dover, New Hampshire.

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