True to Form, President Trump Will Begin Promoting Apprenticeship Nationwide in Near Future

Secretary of the Department of Labor, Alexander Acosta announced today that the Trump administration will be working closely with Universities and private organizations to promote apprenticeship opportunities. Acosta said that apprenticeships will help bridge the gap between knowledge and experience. Apprenticeships will help keep kids out of debt and promote a more stable economic future.

Acosta claimed that not every student learns best by classroom study, and some learn better by doing. By promoting apprenticeship opportunities, this will greatly benefit kinesthetic learners. he continued on to say that the starting salary of an employee who graduates from an apprenticeship program exceeds the starting salary for someone who graduates from college. Acosta stressed that this program was designed to foster partnerships with universities, and that the program is not specific to any particular industry but will be promoted across all industries.

Many reporters asked questions about how this program can work since Trump’s 2018 budget cut spending for the Labor Department. Acosta said that people have the mentality in Washington D.C. that the only way to run a successful government program is to spend more money. He said that success in the Trump administration is not measured by how much money you spend but by how many people you help.

Acosta reminded the reporters that this program is not another federally funded program. Instead, it is designed to bring businesses together in the same industry to devise private partnerships to create these apprenticeship opportunities. In doing so, Acosta believes that America will have a more dynamic and effective American workforce. Acosta stated that President Trump will be releasing more details about this new apprenticeship opportunity on Wednesday.


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