Trump Administration upholds Obama decision to not prosecute Lois Lerner


When running for President of the United States, Donald Trump made a number of high profile promises while seeking to assure voters he would cleanup Washington D.C. His slogan was a promise to clean the swamp, with the swamp being the entrenched political elite. It was a popular rallying call for his support base and one that was a solid political marketing gimmick.

But would he follow through on draining the swamp?

When Trump officially took over the White House, it was clear the campaign was over. All throughout the campaign trail, he proclaimed that he would “lock her up”, in reference to Hillary Clinton. His stated belief on the trail, one that was shared by most of his supporters, is that Clinton was guilty of numerous crimes and thus should be imprisoned.

But as President, Trump has stated he felt she had endured enough and he would not pursue his previous campaign position.

There’s one popular liberal who got away with breaking the law, even under President Trump. Would this be a trend for a man who claimed he would drain the swamp?

Then there’s the case of former Internal Revenue Service executive Lois Lerner. She was alleged to had been involved with the targeting of tea party and conservative organizations by the IRS. The political targeting was a large scandal and a cause for alarm for anyone associated with right wing causes.

Should the federal government be targeting people based on their political affiliation?

It is of the opinion of many libertarians and conservatives that the IRS shouldn’t even exist, because its existence is based on the seizing of people’s income. Apparently the Trump Administration finds no issues at this point.

It’s another point in the disturbing trend of the Trump Administration refusing to drain the swamp, a key campaign promise that got the businessman elected to office. Instead of tackling the numerous issues we face such as Hillary Clinton breaking the law or Lois Lerner helping in an effort to target organizations based on their political affiliation.

Is President Trump in the White House to cause controversies with his words and tweets, or will his administration finally step up to the plate and follow through on rhetoric?

The issue presents two problematic points that conservatives and libertarians need to understand.

First, if we’re to have this tax code, it shouldn’t be politicized and weaponized to take down disagreeable groups working on opposing causes.

Second, the tax code itself really cannot exist without being corrupted. The complexity complicates fair enforcement and this is customary to big government in general.

So what should the Trump Administration do at this point?

If a serious effort to visit the tax code and the existence of the Internal Revenue Service will not occur, at the very least, the case of Lois Lerner should be more carefully scrutinized. Simply brushing the facts under the rug and deferring to the conclusions of the Obama Administration won’t do the job. The Justice Department has a responsibility to seek justice.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.

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