Trump Backs Massie’s Call To Fire Vindman


President Donald Trump has fired Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, the Director of European Affairs at the National Security Council, after Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) called on the President to dismiss him in a Saturday tweet.

“I’d fire him. I listened to his testimony in the SCIF. He’s a leaker, not a whistleblower. Vindman was upset that [Donald Trump] didn’t follow the script Vindman prepared for the phone call. Current Commander in Chief doesn’t take orders from a Lt. Col.!” Massie wrote in a tweet which was subsequently retweeted by Trump.

Later that day, Vindman, who testified against Trump during the House impeachment hearing, was escorted off the White House grounds. U.S. Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland, another witness in the House hearings, was also dismissed the same day.

Trump’s retweet and subsequently following of Massie’s suggestion is a major win for the Kentucky Congressman, who has been courting a Trump endorsement to ward off a primary challenge by Todd McMurty, a former Never Trumper, in Kentucky’s 4th congressional district.

“Certainly, Congressman Massie would welcome an endorsement from President Trump in his race,” Massie campaign manager Jonathan Van Norman told Politico last month, after Massie ran ads attacking McMurty in South Florida in an attempt to reach the President.

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  1. Would tyranny, wars, and debt end if 60 million Americans protested in Washington, DC?

    Would tyranny, wars, and debt decline if citizen groups started arresting politicians for passing unconstitutional laws?

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