President Trump Bets On Big Loser, Cannot Fill Seats In Alabama For Luther Strange Rally

Once again, President Donald Trump was played for a sap by the GOP establishment. After endorsing Sen. Mitch McConnell’s crony Luther Strange against his hard-right constitutional challenger last month, Trump is now planning to stump for Strange this Friday. There is only one problem though: Nobody is showing up to hear Trump’s doublespeak.

White House officials told Breitbart News that they are having trouble filling up a large venue on behalf of Strange, the establishment crony who was appointed to his position in the U.S. Senate by disgraced former Gov. Robert Bentley. Organizers are downsizing to a smaller venue than Trump’s 2016 rally, which packed in over 30,000 people, to the Von Braun Center in Huntsville which seats fewer than 10,000.

Making Trump look even more foolish, White House aides believe that many in attendance will be there to shout slogans on behalf of Strange’s challenger, former Alabama supreme court justice Roy Moore. Moore is known for defying the federal SCOTUS on key issues pertaining to religious freedom, such as homosexual marriage and showing the Ten Commandments in public spaces.

“We have concerns that there may not be a high amount of turnout at the rallies for Strange and we are concerned that some of those that may show up may be there to shout pro-Roy Moore slogans–or that they just want to see the president and vice president but still plan to vote for Roy Moore,” a White House aide said to Breitbart reporters. “Translating this into votes for Luther Strange is going to be very difficult, if not impossible.”

Vice President Mike Pence will be joining Trump to push for Strange this week as well, as the full-court press is on for the administration to do McConnell’s bidding. If they are successful in their efforts, Trump and Pence will have effectively stabbed each of their grassroots supports of Alabama in the back–all to curry favor with McConnell and other reviled swamp rats of the Washington D.C. sewer.

This embarrassing display is also indicative of a nationwide trend of Trump supporters growing weary with his false promises. As Trump shifts on immigration and healthcare while working directly with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (R-CA), fewer Americans are interested in raising pompoms on his behalf. The Mother of All Rallies, hosted by Trump supporters in Washington D.C. this past weekend, was a national punchline where clueless, desperate organizers even gave Black Lives Matter the microphone and a platform to speak.

Rather than listening to the likes of McConnell, Pelosi and Schumer, Trump should be listening to the voices that put him in the White House. But with those people long-gone from the administration and Trump’s handlers such as Chief of Staff John Kelly and national security advisor H.R. McMaster in complete control of the out-to-lunch president, it is looking more probable that Trump will never reach a second term in the oval office.


  1. Stump is usually post chain-saw.
    In this case, the chants of those there might be “End DACA” and “Lock Her Up” and a few classics like “Build that wall”, and a few more no one has thought of yet.

  2. Indicative of how Trump is being lead around by his nose into bad places…. I think they have overwhelmed him. Baffled him with BS. And dazzled him with their shiny distractions until he no longer knows which way is up……

  3. Really sad that MAGA is becoming a distant memory and Trump has turned into the swamp.Most of it is his own doing.I don’t believe he has any core principles.Just easily swayed .He will never recapture the magic of those 30, 000 strong crowds at rallies.
    One term president, indeed.

    • MAGA is not a distant memory. What are you talking about? Did you think that the swamp would be drained this year? Surprise, it will take a lifetime to drain the swamp.
      He’s trying to get the eGOP to get things moving with a token endorsement of Strange for McConnell. In return, the Graham Cassidy bill is being rushed to vote. Don’t forget that all kinds of good and bad amendments are going to be thrown at it. Do you see the pattern of mutual backscratching that is done here in the name of government business?
      True patriots are ignoring the Strange endorsement and Moore should get that seat, barring Soros style shenanigans.

  4. And while were helping Roy Moore in ALSen
    We need folks Help over Trump’s establishment pick for Governor in Michigan (Schuette)!
    Tell Trump to stop PROTECTING THE SWAMP rather than #DrainTheSwamp as he Promised!
    #NoMoreRINOs #NoMoreCINOs

  5. Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore is the right choice for #USSenate in #AL.
    Likewise, Former Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Robert Young Jr for #USSenate in #MI.
    #Conservative #Constitutionalist

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