Trump Talks Terrorism – Media Only Cares about Trump Calling Comey a Liar

Today, in the White House Rose Garden, President Donald Trump held a joint press conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis. During the press conference, Trump stated that he desires to keep Americans safe. He said he is not finished trying to solve the problem of terrorism but that we will solve the problem.

Trump made a bold plea to world leaders to stop funding terrorism, stop teaching hate, and stop the killing. He said that Qatar needs to do more and they need to do it faster. Trump said that this is the beginning of the end in funding terrorism, and hopefully, it is the beginning of the end of terrorism.

Trump praised President Iohannis for his commitment to increase defense funding. He said it is time for countries around the world to pay their fair share of NATO’s expenses. President Iohannis praised Trump for his strong leadership and his strong partnership. He said that due to Trump’s leadership, NATO is starting to focus more on the issue of terrorism. President Iohannis agreed with Trump’s suggestion that countries spend 2% of GDP on military efforts to help keep the world safe. He said it is time for countries like Romania to be more involved in the burden sharing of defense spending.

Trump also commented on the fact that many countries have failed to met their burden in the past to make payments to NATO. He said that he is encouraging these countries to not only fund NATO this year, but that they need to start making back payments for the years that they failed in their obligations.

Meanwhile, in other news, during the press conference, all the American press could ask questions about was whether Trump was going to call Comey a liar.

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