Trump tax return leak again exposes Democrats as hypocrites

The New York Times broke huge news for the presidential election by leaking tax returns for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. To this point, Trump has refused to uphold a tradition of presidential candidates by not releasing his tax returns. Democrats have used this as a major talking point for months and floated various conspiracy theories.


Does Donald Trump pay his taxes? Does Donald Trump have questionable foreign connections? What about other questionable schemes? The paranoia has been quite creative.

Now the moment came and we now know there is a legitimate possibility that the controversial businessman-turned-influential politician went almost two decades without paying the federal income tax. This information has been obtained via personal tax information that was illegally obtained by a major media outlet.

What about when Democrats thought it was wrong to influence an election with information obtained by hacking?

Wikileaks has become a major factor this election cycle and major thorn in the side of the Democratic Party. A series of leaks have put Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a difficult position and forced out Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Leaked e-mails among party leaders have shown some questionable attitudes and even potentially racist views. Many allegations of bias and corruption have also been verified.

The response of the Democratic Party? They shouldn’t be used. These hacks could possibly be Russian, though have not been proven. Because of that remote possibility that a certain country was responsible for the information being acquired improperly, we shouldn’t touch it.

But what happened when a news outlet illegally acquired personal tax information and released it for political purposes?

Once again, the Democratic Party is operating by a double standard. Would they have accepted the Trump tax returns had Russian hackers released it to them? Despite how much the left is attempting to ignite the new Red Scare with their Russian fearmongering, they wouldn’t reject help from them or anyone else. It’s all about politics.

Also, the Democrats know the revelations regarding them do nothing but damage. It reflects a biased attitude and rigged elections, along with some quite terrible attitudes among leadership. Do most everyday Americans support fixing elections?


Trump’s tax returns are only significant to leftwing partisans who need an attack against their political opponent. Do most everyday Americans enjoy paying taxes? In this difficult economy, one thing that would help those who are struggling would be bringing home all their wages. When someone works, the government claims a portion of the labor despite having no actual hand in earning it. Is that fair?

Instead of having a greater discussion about the legitimacy of the income tax or the serious issues exposed by Wikileaks, the Democrats are swinging for the fences with tax returns. Worse, they are running with tax returns that were illegally obtained.

Maybe the Democrats should just admit they don’t support honesty or transparency. They’re just running a hypocritical organization that is aiming for shallow political gains instead of anything principled.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


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