Trump Towers Over Mainstream Media Monkeys


Much to the chagrin of the mental midgets in the mainstream media, former president Barack Hussein Obama appointee Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, has given President Trump a clean bill of health. More important than his physical fitness is President Trump’s mental acuity which was also noted by Admiral Jackson. For the record, that’s one more churlish liberal narrative obliterated. Our president is not an imbecile and he’s not crazy. He’s large and incharge and crushing everything he lands on.

Tax reform was, is, and will for the foreseeable future be, a huge deal. It’s a feather in a cap already loaded with feathers. Just today, Apple announced it will be paying $38 billion in repatriation taxes to move their overseas capital back to the United States. This news is on the heels of reports of dozens of American corporations raising wages and giving out bonuses, increasing capital investment in the states, and expanding their operations, all of which they specifically credit to tax reform.

Another feather: The Dow just broke 26,000. It dropped off a bit the first day it broke and rebounded the next. Technically speaking, the Dow broke 26,000 twice under President Trump’s watch.

Manufacturing optimism, business confidence and consumer confidence, are all breaking records. Unemployment in general is at a near twenty year low while black unemployment in particular is also at a refreshing low. The feathers are piling up faster than we can keep track of them.

Regulatory reform is one of the prime reasons our economy is beginning to thrive after over a decade of rot under Democratic and Republican rule. For years our country has been crushed under the growing weight of the cost of compliance which experts say is upwards of two trillion dollars. Cutting that number and putting that money back into the marketplace is real stimulus and it portends a coming wave of economic nationalism and winning.

And that’s just the domestic side of things. Abroad, President Trump has drawn lines and acted when they’re crossed. True to his word on the campaign trail, he has defeated ISIS and brought NATO to heel. He withdrew us from the cataclysmic TPP and, also according to his promises, he substituted an over-broad, multilateral trade agreement for unilateral pacts with our partners.

There’s much talk from the liberal press about the international community’s disrespect for our president. For the sake of being open-minded I’ll concede that such a thing may be true. What’s equally true is that President Trump and his army of loyalists don’t give a damn about whether or not tin pot dictators and flaccid European surrender monkeys respect him or us. They fear us and that’s all that matters.

These aren’t the accomplishments of some unstable half-wit. These are the triumphs of a stable genius, one who has been counted out time and time and time again. They said he couldn’t win the nomination and he did. They said he couldn’t beat the supposedly best qualified candidate to ever run for higher office and he did. He put Gorsuch on the bench, won a major war, and after temporary setbacks he managed to kill Obamacare and pass tax relief in one fell swoop. This isn’t an idiot or a conman or a racist or any other slanderous slur the Left limply hurls at our Commander-in-Chief.

And he is in command. After Michael Wolff’s pathetic fiction made a splash, President Trump summoned congressional leaders to the White House for a meeting where he easily demonstrated his command of the conversation and the facts. Far from being a harbinger of WWIII, President Trump’s temerity and tweets have brought North and South Korea closer to a thaw in relations than they have been in years. With the help of Wonder Woman Nikki Hailey, President Trump has begun the arduous process of defunding the United Nations.

Donald J. Trump isn’t just President, he’s Super President.

And what of his detractors? Jim Acosta was just shouted out of the White House. He’s a joke, a loser, an impotent relic from a day and age when people believed CNN really is the most trusted name in news. Maybe we never really believed it. It’s not only CNN, all the acronyms – CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, etc. – are failing, and that’s just television to say nothing of the New York Times and other dying print publications.

Lesser liberal media outlets are bloated with diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain. Mother Jones’ Inae Oh wrote a piece about professional jester Stephen Colbert vomiting up fatuous liberal talking points. The Daily Beast is salivating over another publication’s imminent reveal of a whore’s story about President Trump’s nocturnal bedroom activities. This is circle jerk journalism. This is a pack of monkeys eating fleas off each others backs in some fucked up media culture of mindless, maniacal repetition.

Contrast this redundant smut with the successful first year of President Trump’s first term in office. He’s doing what he said he would do and he’s making no apologies. He’s lost half a billion dollars since taking office and he collects no salary. He didn’t have to do any of this. He didn’t have to put himself out there and endure the unprecedented collective hatred of half the country he loves. But he did and he does and he’s going to keep making America great whether his haters like it or not.

It must be exhausting to be so adamantly bitter and entrenched in one’s own deliberate, premeditated wrongness. That’s fine, everything’s fine, let them hate. President Trump is great on his own and even greater standing next to the haters and the effete elitists of the professional pundit class.

Original artwork by the one and only Jesse Comeau.

By day, Michael Rodgers is a logistics specialist in the aerospace industry. By night, he is an Associate Editor for the Liberty Conservative. He lives and drinks profusely in Dover, New Hampshire.


  1. While I know that Pres. Trump passes the test with flying colors, it is worth while checking what the test consisted of. So that we really know how important it was. See the picture below

    It is not very difficult so I am not sure it is worth touting. Several years ago, on a lark, I had my ten-yearold daughter try, and she got everything right. Really, who can’t name three common animals or draw a clock face? I think that it would be more relevant if he took the SAT test that high school grads take for college admission, or and got a very high score.

    Alternatively, he could be asked to
    1. write a 500 word essay on any subject he chooses, It should be checked for errors in spelling, grammar and fact.
    2. Read a 500 word essay and then tested for comprehension.
    3. Take a test on the US constitution plus amendments, that just covers the main topics, not a lot of detailed questions.
    Were he to do that, and get a really high score, probably higher than dotard Obama, it would really be convincing. It is important that everybody in the country see how much of a genius he really is.

    • The point of the MOCA is to assess dementia and cognitive impairment, not at all to determine intelligence. A fully competent essay can be be written by someone with dementia. The reasoning and recall portions of MOCA, however, can and will trip anyone up who is demented. How smart you are has almost zero impact on the function of analysis, recall, and association, and that’s what this test is all about.

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