Trumpfucius – He Who Cannot Be Stumped


It was a spectacular week for President Donald Trump. After starting a media war with CNN by posting a simple meme–prompting an overreaction that set the entire Internet off against the fledgling news station–then giving a powerful, nationalistic, pro-West speech in Poland, Trump headed to Germany for the annual G-20 Summit where he had a public meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two men were all smiles, and rubbing elbows like they had pulled a fast one on the entire world. Trump would go on to orchestrate a huge diplomatic victory by negotiating a ceasefire in Syria with the Russians.

This was a week that reminded Trump voters why they pulled the lever for him last November. While Trump voters were welling with pride over his Presidential achievements, his annoying, desperate detractors from the self-serving obsolete “NeverTrump” conservatives to the vicious radicalized America-hating leftists were left with mud on their faces. The buffoon who was supposed to disgrace the United States is doing the exact opposite. Trump is leading with the pro-Western, pro-nationalist message that is desperately needed in a civilization on the brink of destruction. Trump displayed his expertise again yet again, and the unstumpable nature of this leader is something that future generations will marvel upon.

Keep in mind, Trump’s tweets will be the lens in which future historians and other observers shall judge and evaluate our culture. That thought may send shivers through the spines of liberals, but Trump is Americana personified. No man with the presence and stature of Trump could have ever been elected to higher office in any other superpower nation. Trump flouted every societal convention, broke every rule, took it to the entrenched political class with gusto, and achieved what millions of Americans could only fantasize about accomplishing. By doing so, he became President of the United States and conquered the world. As boxing magnate Don King said frequently in Trump’s defense on the campaign trail last year, “Only in America!”

One may even posit that Trump is the embodiment of Americana in the same sense that Confucius was the embodiment of Chinese culture in the days of Antiquity. At first glance, the men seem to be complete opposites. The frenetic, loud-mouthed, combative style of Trump seems incompatible with the tempered, collected, measured outlook of Confucius, but upon closer inspection, both men are actually two sides of the same coin. Wisdom is the glue that binds the two magnanimous leaders. Confucius was a reformer, who is his own manner, wanted to make China great again with his political leadership and philosophical teachings. Confucius’ Analects was the equivalent of Trump’s Art of the Deal in 400 BC China.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.” – Confucius

“What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.” ― Donald J. Trump

In his day, Confucius was looked at as something of an idiot savant by his critics. The chattering class of Chinese Antiquity would have loved for him to keep his big mouth shut, rather than agitating on behalf of the people. Like Trump, Confucius was an iconoclastic agent for change. Born into a Royal family, Confucius–like Trump–was born into a high class life of wealth and prestige. Like Trump, Confucius was an advocate for tradition. As Trump wishes not to sacrifice our American values on the altar of globalism, Confucius wanted to strengthen Chinese culture as well.

Confucius was often vague and allegorical in his writings, and Trump behaves in exactly the same manner. Like his infamous “covfefe” Tweet that set the media immediately ablaze, one simple word uttered by Trump can change the political winds instantly. While critics misinterpret Trump’s brilliance as a “word salad” of nonsense, the master orator is actually encouraging his followers to ruminate upon his carefully-selected words. “Take these words in, ruminate upon them intently, and Make America Great Again” is the unspoken message slyly delivered by Trump to his followers constantly. It is no stretch to believe that Trumpism could, given enough time, take hold in a dominant manner as Confucianism has in China and other parts of Asia.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time we do.” – Confucius

“What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.” ― Donald J. Trump

After all, Confucius was relatively obscure at the time of his death. He was far ahead of his time, and although he was revered throughout his life, it wasn’t until generations later that his wisdom was truly appreciated. Despite achieving monumental success, it may not be until decades or even hundreds of years down the line when society truly appreciates Trump’s contributions to our cultural milieu. Perhaps Trump’s legacy ultimately depends upon whether Western Civilization falls or is repaired under his watch. That will be up to historians to decide, but some are already tapping into Trump’s rhetorical style to amass power and influence.

Trump’s new right and alt right supporters have already realized how they can learn from their great leader. These ferocious activists have attacked leftists with a vigor that hasn’t been seen in generations. Rather than worrying about political correctness and virtue signaling for their enemies, they are going for the jugular against the left like never before. Media entities are even resorting to attacking random Internet trolls because they have become so desperate to stop the onslaught of fury that is building against them. Trump’s style is rubbing off on a new generation, and they will carry the torch boldly and bravely for the West and for Christendom moving forward.

“Remember, there’s no such thing as an unrealistic goal–just unrealistic time frames.” ― Donald J. Trump

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” – Confucius

Any individual would be smart to acquaint themselves with the works of both of these iconic leaders. Combined, the works of Trump and Confucius can provide quite the balanced outlook on life. The hard edge of Trump’s approach, when properly combined with the even keel of Confucius, can create the perfect political monster hardwired for absolute victory. For instance, imagine meditating for two hours to clear your mind so you can conceptualize the perfect rhetorical dagger to be used in a Tweet to expose and humiliate your opposition. If the philosophies of “Trumpfucius” are harnessed to perfection, there is no limit to the power that could be attained.

Of course, Trump is not completely out of the weeds just because of a great week. On certain issues such as health care and jailing corrupt officials such as Hillary Clinton, he has not yet lived up to his own rhetoric. His opponents are not done scheming their coup d’etat to oust Trump from office. Nevertheless, we all owe a debt of gratitude to this cultural icon who is taking a tremendous deal of flak to stand up for our shared values. During these tumultuous and often frightening times, the fact that Donald J. Trump is willing to put his neck out there to stand up for the West on the grandest of stages ought to make us very thankful.


  1. Donald Trump is unpredictable and unrepeatable. His strongest point is that he isn’t Hillary Clinton. I find it hard to understand how he can be described as pro-Nationalist. What Nationalist would be deploying troops in a far off land (such as Syria) to engage in regime change? A: None.

  2. You can’t be stumped when you’re that stupid. It’s a special type of mental illness that this prez has.

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