Why Tulsi Gabbard’s visit to Syria was the right thing to do


When news broke that Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard had personally and secretly visited Syria, outcry erupted in Washington D.C. almost immediately. The political establishment greeted the news with outrage, with many taking issue with her meeting with Syrian President Bashir al-Assad. The main problem at hand was the claim that her meeting legitimized the embattled leader.

But is this trip to Syria as bad as her critics make it sound?

War propaganda is an age-old technique to gain favor for conflict and it’s been used many times even in our own country. If a government seeks justification for entering a conflict or war, it finds a monster. While some targets may be deplorable leaders and certainly tyrannical, others are just unfortunate victims of foreign politics gone wrong.

When these actions against a foreign government occur, the will of the people is often not even taken into account. While the people of that nation may be utilized in the propaganda itself, their actual voice is not apart of the discussion.

Should people of a nation have a voice in their own country?

Congresswoman Gabbard addressed this question with her own actions, by visiting the nation. She met with locals, visited facilities, and viewed everything first hand. This is something many have not done.

Consider the power of propaganda. Congresswoman Gabbard formed an opinion on what the people of Syria believe after visiting first hand and surveying the situation personally. She spoke with many common Syrians and allowed these people to speak of their experiences directly. But many who criticize the Congresswoman’s efforts to understand the complicated politics have not visited the country or even the region, which then creates a reliance on other sources.

Politicians in government have their own agendas and have failed the American people before. The United States invaded Iraq on raw emotion and bad intelligence. As the elite spoke of the evils of Saddam Hussein, people opened up to the idea of overthrowing him. Then the talk of weapons of mass destruction created an urgency.

Our quick intervention into another country’s affairs opened the door for greater ISIS growth. There was a failure to properly and thoroughly assess the situation. Instead, war propaganda was pushed not only by the government but the mainstream media as well.

For this reason, Congresswoman Gabbard made the right decision.

When we go to war, we put United States interests on the line. While many look at the situation through an emotional lens, it’s necessary for us to be objective. The war images of the dying and injured are heartbreaking, but can we do anything to improve the situation? Iraq suggests that while we can remove the current dictator, it doesn’t necessarily purge the evil.

But through Iraq, we spent $2 trillion while losing more than a few thousand members of the military and injuring tens of thousands more. That’s $2 trillion that could have either been left in the taxpayers pocket for their own lives or spent on American interests. Those casualties represent thousands of families without a child coming home or families without a loved one. These are actual lives being lost.

War images are tragic, but we need to look past the propaganda being pushed on us by the media and the government. If war is necessary for America’s interests, then it must be on the table as a last resort. Before this decision, Congress has a responsibility to assess the threat and decide on authorizing war. This is why Congress was given the power to authorize war under the Constitution.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s trip to Syria was the right decision. It moved her past the propaganda and she fulfilled her congressional duty of properly accessing a war threat.

Chris Dixon is a liberty activist and writer from Maine. In addition to being Managing Editor for the Liberty Conservative, he also writes the Bangor Daily News blog "Undercover Porcupine" and for sports website Cleatgeeks.


    • Founders of isis … obama, et al?? Criky ru kidding. The LoN failure of addressing the Arab leagues needs after WW1 created the basis for the past 100 yrs of a screwed up Middle East and birth of isis.
      Sykes Picot carved up the kingdoms for France and GB. And people wonder why both are primary targets by terrorists these days.
      Balfour Declaration messed up Palestine.
      US butt in after WW2. Oil interests in Iran were carved up by USA & GB. Thx to Churchill and Ike. Mosadegh deposed bcz he wanted to disperse oil wealth to people. Return of the shah and should I continue?? Oh, yes, US supported Saddam against Iraq and US supported Mugahadeem which led to OBL rise.
      THE MESS that’s the Middle East will not be fixed overnight and I doubt any US prez could create a success.

  1. I like Congress Woman’s approach because unlike the vast majority in Congress, Tulsi is also an active Duty US Army Major Gabbard, Battalion Commander of an Army National Guard Reserve Combat Police Battalion. She led her Battalion in Battle with tours of Duty both in Iraq, and Afghanistan, and she is the only one who has been on the ground in Syria where she also visited12-15 year old Christian Girls who were repeatedly Raped 180 times by ISIS. She understands what is going on, and as a Mother, she also is very sympathetic to the Genocide and Sexual Abuse of Assyrian Christian Girls in Iraq, and Syria. Gabbard hhas also met w President Trump to brief him on the situation we face in all three Countries, but was not so warmly recieved by Obama because of her utter disgust with Obama and Clinton’s feplorable failed Foreign Policy, and became more frustrated, and disgusted w Congress Woman Debbie W Schultz who comitted Voter Fraud colluding w the Media to help Hillary Clinton get elected. This dynamic and incredible War Hero Surfing Champion, and Champion of Sexually abused Christian Girls in Syria when she is actually Semoan, and Indian is refreshing perspective from a Politician. If the Dumbocrats were smart, Gabbard wd hv been their Candidate for President instead of Hellary, and I as a Republican wd hv voted for. At least now Democrat Congress Woman Gabbard has a willing participant in President Trump who will listen and take her advice which Obama failed to do.

  2. She is a US Army Major. She will probably think the best for the country even in her dreams

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