Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit Kicks Off With Exhilarating Night Of Speakers


On Tuesday, thousands of young conservative activists aged 15-25 from across the country convened and left with free t-shirts and smiles as Turning Point USA kicked off what should be their biggest event to date.

West Palm Beach, FL is the backdrop of the third-annual Student Action Summit. Over three thousand of the top student activists have come from all corners of the United States of America for the event, it is just getting started. The event goes all the way until Dec. 22.

The activists watched speakers such as Ben Shapiro of the Daily Wire, Dennis Prager of PragerU, TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk, documentarian and author DiNesh D’Souza, and of course Donald Trump Jr. Every speaker received a standing ovation, as a fired up and engaged audience posed questions and had discussions with speakers. The event should offer plenty of surprises in the days to come.

“The speakers were really interesting and covered issues like free speech that are very important to young people,” said Tess Nathan, a freshman at SUNY Maritime College who is a Young Americans for Freedom activist. “It is nice being openly conservative around other people and not feeling persecuted for expressing your beliefs freely.”

Additionally, Ben Shapiro hinted in his speech that Breitbart News executive editor Steve Bannon would be speaking at the event. We previously reported that Bannon would be a likely special guest speaker, although he may be upstaged by another higher profile special guest with Mar-a-Largo just around the corner from West Palm Beach!

Tomorrow’s planned speakers include independent journalist James O’Keefe, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, and FOX News personalities Brian Kilmeade and Jesse Watters. A full event schedule can be viewed here.

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