Under Rand Paul’s Guidance, Trump Proceeds Ever More Boldly Against Obamacare

“When you got Rand Paul on your side, it has to be positive,” President Donald Trump said yesterday after announcing executive orders designed to increase access to association health plans while allowing competition across state lines.

Trump isn’t stopping there. Emboldened by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), Trump is now threatening to cut off subsidy payments for insurance companies. This is a move that would cause Obamacare to effectively collapse.

“The Democrats ObamaCare is imploding. Massive subsidy payments to their pet insurance companies has stopped. [Democrats] should call me to fix!” Trump said in an early morning tweet on Friday.

He continued, “ObamaCare is a broken mess. Piece by piece we will now begin the process of giving America the great HealthCare it deserves!”

Fed up with the inaction of Congress, Trump is taking matters into his own hands. While previous presidents did so to increase the power of the federal government, Trump’s actions – at least those pertaining to health care – are dissolving regulations, special interest payouts, and providing more relief to consumers. This is cause for celebration, Paul claims.

“Trump is doing what I believe is the biggest free-market reform of health care in a generation,” Paul said yesterday. “I’m very glad to be a part of this and I really want to commend the president for having the boldness and the leadership and the foresight to get this done.”

Experts have confirmed that the executive authority deployed by Trump at Paul’s behest is indeed fully lawful and constitutional. Tho Bishop, a Mises Institute analyst, said, “It is clear that there is authority for this measure in the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974.”

The move is being praised by conservative thought leaders as well, including talk radio host Rush Limbaugh.

“The insurance companies will now be free to create policies that actually feature things people want,” Limbaugh said on his radio program, praising both Paul and Trump for their work on this key reform that he felt never could have moved through Congress.

Trump’s willingness to break the mold and challenge the status quo, combined with Paul’s knowledge of the issues and market-based solutions, could become a formidable political power couple in the months to come. However, Trump may still keep the subsidies for insurance companies in place depending on how future negotiations with Congressional leaders turns out.


    • Oh, please. Cruz is great on a lot of issues, but if you’ve been following both for years, you know that Rand has been at the forefront all along, even if often ignored. To imply Rand stole this idea from Cruz is intellectually dishonest. In fact, on many other issues it’s been the opposite. Fortunate, I think most people in this group already know that.

  1. I wish we could applaud both Rand and Cruz! We need to blend all conservative ideas and get behind our president for the LOVE of America!!!

  2. Considering George Soros has been paying the ANTIFA and BLM protestors to riot and destroy property, etc., and he owns Progressive Insurance….bascially Obamacare has been both ripping off the taxpayer and paying for anarchy!

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