UPDATE: Terrorists Threaten Conservative Whistleblower Removed From His School For Exposing DACA Recipient


Last week, a conservative student from Transylvania University (TU) re-posted a social media comment from a DACA recipient. In her initial post, the illegal immigrant boasted that she was “undocumented, unapologetic and unafraid” of her status in a post on her Facebook. The brave whistleblower shared the post to conservative groups within social media, and the firestorm began from there.

Trump-hating illegal immigrant Paola Garcia went from being “undocumented, unapologetic and unafraid” to being a whining, crying, pathetic victim in a flash. She posted a groveling video on Youtube begging for assistance, demanding that hordes of pro-illegal leftists attack the conservative student and the school, and blaming everyone but herself for her own actions.

“I took screenshots and reported it to them administration. But according to them, his actions don’t violate the schools non-discrimination policy, which if you read it, it’s obvious that he did. It just doesn’t make sense to me how that was their conclusion,” Garcia said in her video.

Initially, TU indicated that the conservative student, Taylor Ragg, had violated no university policies by sharing Garcia’s post. After the mob of leftist terrorists descended upon the university at Garcia’s behest, the administration quickly caved, threw Ragg’s free speech rights under the bus, kowtowed to the proud criminal and her hate-filled supporters, and announced publicly that Ragg was removed from the university.

“Given the concern voiced by many, we feel it appropriate to give an update on the situation of recent days and report that Mr. Ragg is no longer enrolled at Transylvania University. Per University policy and federal laws, we cannot comment any further on this issue,” the university said in a press release.

It is unclear at the present time whether Ragg was removed via expulsion or simply withdrew himself to salvage his credits to study at another university. Regardless of what exactly happened, supporters of Ragg’s ability to express himself freely and supporters of Garcia being able to flout the law without consequences are equally angry with TU’s handling of this affair. Ragg’s supporters see this as an obvious free speech violations while Garcia’s supporters are admonishing TU for not crucifying Ragg sooner.

The deranged comments of the witch-hunting leftists are on full display here and here. This vitriolic, anti-American mob is not content with Ragg being removed from his college for free speech. They now want the man to be punished further for standing for the rule of law and are even threatening his family, forcing the young man to leave social media for the time being.

The University does not seem to be particularly concerned with any of this, only the feelings of the illegal immigrant who they openly harbor at their school.

“Transylvania does not condone or tolerate hatred, bigotry, bullying or harassment in any form and will address any such behavior in a manner consistent with our policies, procedures, and values as a University,” Transylvania University said in their press release. It is clear these platitudes only apply to special victim groups, and not to white conservatives.

Ragg may be seeking legal recourse in the weeks to come for the many violations of his rights that have occurred. We will continue to cover this story as it unfolds.


    • No she is not, she was just given a break from the enforcement of our laws by a order that has now being revoked

      • Last I checked, DACA allows her to stay; therefore, she is technically legal at the moment and can’t be deported.

        • She is not legal but a deferment has been given to the Dreamers
          There is nothing that has made them legals
          Infact they can still be deported if they break the conditions of the Act

  1. So if you re post what someone wrote about themselves, you can be kicked out of school.
    Doesn’t sound like the nation I grew up in, geting in trouble for just repeating their words

  2. un-American brats who blame the weak attack a girl who has lived here since she was 2…these cowards no nothing about America and everything that an underdeveloped mind can produce…no wonder this country is going down the tubes with such poor citizens..these people arte too afraid to blame the corporations because they fight back…..so blame the weakest and talk about laws they don’t understand..

  3. Maybe he should have just done his school work, instead of trying to be a fucking racist. Dumb Fucker.

  4. At this time, DACA recipients are not breaking the law simply by living in America. Legal issues aside, Ragg’s comments on social media (which Mr. Trejo fails to cite above) to show him to be an entitled, racist, piece of shit. Imagine if the barrier to entry for “real” Americans involved more than just emerging from the womb on American soil…

  5. I wonder how Tayler would feel about being raped with his own sports equipment? Asking for a friend obviously….

  6. Fuck you, Shane. Liberty Conservative my ass. a Nazi is a Nazi. And you will end up like all Nazis do. I wish ICE was around when your stagnant gene pool stepped off the boat because you may been born here, but your ancestors weren’t. In fact, just like every person on the planet, your ancestors came from Africa and were as dark as chocolate. It’s called DNA and evolution. Check it out. I hope you eat one of the guns you own. Like your hero Hitler. It will then have served a very useful purpose. Even better if you take the entire stagnant gene pool with you.

  7. This illegal is now in danger of her life as is any illegal hiding in this country. Any who harbor such a person, it is open season on you. We the people are the final enforcer of rights which apply only to citizens. Place the school president under citizens arrest. Send in ICE to remove the offending illegal. This will be the first of millions and we will MAGA.

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