Vindicated at Last: Conspiracy Theorists Ride High in the Age of WikiLeaks

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The smell of sweet vindication is in the air these days, at least if you are a conspiracy theorist. Wikileaks has made it so that the truth can no longer be denied that half of the entire political system is quite literally a criminal operation from top-to-bottom.

Of course, as little Marco Rubio knows, more devastating disclosures are on the way. The Republican Party, as a whole, is at least as criminal as the Democrats. Any liberty Republican who has been in the fight knows that to be the case. Because the great Julian Assange is an equal-opportunity brutalizer of government and corporate crooks, he will likely be releasing the goods on pretty much everyone in due time.

This global unveiling that is taking place should be considered fantastic news for libertarians. With government and corporate secrets being brought out into the light, propaganda efforts will become considerably more difficult. Although most of the public is still unaware, it is becoming more difficult for them to be oblivious. With access to the world’s juiciest secrets only a click away, the temptation will eventually be too much for even Boobus Americanus to resist.

We have approached a great unknown frontier. There is no protocol for the information age. Everything is up for grabs, but conspiracy theorists have one huge advantage: credibility. All of that fevered chatter over the years turned out to be undoubtedly correct. What was considered far-fetched by the unwashed masses has now become the incontrovertible reality. Alex Jones has famously said that he “has the documents” proving all of his frenzied allegations. Because of Wikileaks and other brave souls out there, we now ALL have the documents and can wave them in the face of the doubters and excuse-makers the world over!

Trust your gut, libertarians and someday soon, you will ride as high as Alex Jones or Vladimir Putin upon your mighty steed of truth.

If conspiracy theorists were wrong, it was because they undershot their predictions. We live in an age of ubiquitous surveillance. We live in an age of autonomous robots programmed to murder. We live in an age of corruption, decadence and filth that makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like a church picnic by comparison. The situation at hand is inexplicably dire. Orwell’s dark vision has come to life before our very eyes, and it will get much worse before it gets better.

Do not fret, though, because the good news is that awareness is rising. For this era, we have the perfect political candidate in the Republican Party, as well. Despite some of his shaky policy positions, Trump is never afraid to let it fly. It’s hard to believe that any other candidate would have made Wikileaks a huge deal on the campaign trail like Trump has done. He has put hardcore information on the radar for 70 million enraged rabble-rousers out there. Trump’s antics are effectively ripping the lid off of Pandora’s box, forevermore.

Another thing that Trump has done effectively is court conspiracy-minded individuals as a voting block. The consummate opportunist, Trump has adopted conspiratorial rhetoric to bolster his most powerful speeches. On the other hand, libertarians seemingly did everything imaginable to eschew conspiracy theorists from the mix so they could jockey for table scraps from the political class. Ultimately, these terrible political calculations weakened the liberty movement considerably.

The lesson here for libertarians is, as always, to fight the political establishment tooth-and-nail on every single one of their lies. Do not take political correctness into account. By doing that, you have already waved the white flag of surrender. Avoid the irrelevant noise from corporate whores in the Beltway who urge you to capitulate. Do not backpedal. Stand like a rock. Don’t be afraid to put your neck out there for freedom. The facts are on our side. The leaks will eventually prove us to be correct, so have at it.

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