War on the Free Press: Liberal Billionaire Sues Alex Jones for Defamation

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is under fire once again. Already undergoing a messy public custody battle with an ex-wife, Jones has now been implicated in a defamation lawsuit by Chobani, the world’s largest yogurt producer, who is seeking at least $10,000 in damages.

Chobani is a massive proponent of importing refugees from third-world warzones to America and using these individuals for cheap labor. Jones and other right-wing commentators have pointed out a subsequent rise in tuberculosis cases by 500 percent after Chobani opened up their plant in Twin Falls, Idaho. The implication was the public health nightmare was caused, at least indirectly, by Chobani’s support of the refugee resettlement program.

Chobani has already faced an immense backlash for its refugee-employing practices. An Infowars clip described a vicious child rape case committed by three refugees nearby the Chobani plant. Infowars analysts concluded that Chobani’s support of refugee resettlement very well may have enabled these foreign rapists to commit their heinous crime.

Chobani’s deep ties to the Clinton Global Initiative are well-known. The corporation has even featured pro-gay marriage messages in their advertisements. Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya is an ally of George Soros. He has spent a great deal of money lobbying for Democratic causes and benefited from federal loans to get his business off the ground. His lawsuit could reasonably be described as a politically-motivated attack on the free speech of conservatives.

If the progressive courts rule in favor of Chobani in this lawsuit, it will have a chilling impact on journalists and commentators throughout the country. It will set a dangerous precedent that the corporate elite are completely off limits, and can never be held accountable. Any alternative media source could be targeted. Nevertheless, Jones is emboldened by this battle and refuses to take his foot off the gas pedal.

“I’m not backing down, I’m never giving up, I love this,” said Jones, “They have jumped the trillion-pound great white shark on this baby.”

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