WATCH: Trump vs. #NeverTrump

Something sorely lacking in the Trump/#NeverTrump debate is, well, debate.

Most people only sally out briefly on social media to make their case, before quickly retreating back to their support group – and that doesn’t help anyone sort out the truth of the matter.

But as the specter of Hillary rises over the nearing November election and Trump continues to trail in the polls, the urgency of winning over #NeverTrump Republicans is becoming apparent.

The problem for Team Trump is that some people really mean never.

This debate addresses the questions of the Supreme Court, Trump’s “outsider” status, viable options for those unwilling to vote for either Trump or Hillary, and – bafflingly – Richard Nixon.

Listen for yourself and let us know where you align – #Trump or #Nevertrump!


Joel Kurtinitis is a columnist for the Des Moines Register, contributing editor for The Liberty Conservative, and operations director for the US Federalist Party.

Joel was a Regional Director for Ron Paul 2012 and served on the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Iowa. He co-founded Liberty Iowa in the wake of the Paul campaign, and organized the Free DC Project during the government shutdown of 2013.

When not busy setting the virtual world aflame with controversy, Joel is actually an okay guy who enjoys reading, cooking, chess, bluegrass music, and an occasional foray into fiction writing. Joel and his family live in Des Moines, IA.


  1. Trump did flip-flop on immigration many times and Trump support raising minimum wage and raising taxes universal healthcare planned parenthood the Iran deal and common core . What does Hillary support the same things

    • When did Trump say he is not going to close the border and enforce OUR immigration laws? I have heard him easy his stance on deportation, but that is not a flip flop…so what Establishment lie are you shilling?

      • In 1999 Trump support amnesty and in 2000 on TMZ Trump supported amnesty 2012 Trump come out against Mitt when Mitt was talking about deporting them . Trump when his first immigration plan was out he was keeping any illegal that have been here 5 years or more and kids in school was going to stay NY times interview they release Trump said there will be no WALL and he will legalized they ones that are here

        • Who was asking Trump about amnesty in 1999? I wish we all had access to your insider information. In truth, it is 2016 and there are better way of closing the border than building a physical wall but I do not want to let the truth or reality get in anyone’s way.

          • Meet the press go look it up it not hard it just lazy if you don’t . Like Trump he loves the poorly educated

          • In the debate Trump Never denied he have more illegals working for him then Americans . But what Trump did say in the debate was that he couldn’t find Americans workers to fine to do the jobs

    • Okay Eric, you are right. There is no way one can disagree with what the voices in your head are saying. Since I am not able to hear them, I will have to go with what the man actually he said last night.

      • If you would not be a racist idiot bring your head out of Trump ass you will see he just playing you for a sucker dumb dumb dumbass

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