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We Have To Stop Fighting The Russia-Trump Probe

Recently, new and damning revelations have surfaced in the Robert Mueller inquiry into the alleged Russia-Trump collusion during the 2016 election.

Undeniably, many on the right and the left are in shock at the level of depth Mueller and his team prosecutors have gone to unravel the mystery. In essence, they are asking the questions of “what happened,” “who,” and “why?”

With this in mind, many on the right—especially in Trump’s base—need to accept the fact that the investigation is reaching an unprecedented level after the allegations of Russian-linked tinkering in the 2016 election were revealed.

Yes, it is drawn out, and I wish—like so many of you—that we can conclude this insanity; however, a turning point in what our nation’s people will believe has revealed itself.

Consider the actions that Mueller and his investigators have committed. Getting search warrants and other orders like it from a court of law—based on the probable cause they were able to present to a judge—speaks volumes to the potential implications the findings of these investigations will have.

All of the individuals considered persons of interest in the Mueller inquiry are entitled to every right of due process that a typical small-time drug dealer is. However, presuming guilt in a scenario is very hard to avoid.

I will admit that there have been many times that I have concluded that individuals like Paul Manafort, one of the many persons of interest, are guilty of something or another. I remind myself as I will to all of you that the concluding results to this investigation will dictate the resolve of the American people.

If Trump’s campaign staffers and consultants are accused of these acts and are taken to criminal court, our country will not break down. Though, we need to consider that the corruption of the ruling class has come full circle and no one—Trump, the Clintons, legacy politicos—are safe from their backroom secrets becoming public.

The question of how you will respond is entirely up to you; however, the rise of “mob power” will become notable and even more dangerous ideologies will continue to corrupt the populism that Democrats and Republicans need to maintain power. The Russia-Trump probe is also an excellent case study on holding national leaders accountable for their actions.

Whenever an individual group comes to power, they will do everything in their power to cover up, lie, and deceive the ranks of the society. The same happens for the group that has lost power or is vying for a taste of that power. Nevertheless, a component to shrinking, reforming, and rooting out corruption in government comes on the back of independent auditors, investigators, and (if the act results in this) whistle-blowers to expose the unethical, illegal dealings of government officials.

We have law-abiding politicians, political donors, and activists who believe one way or the other on the Russia-Trump probe. But, we shouldn’t deny that even when the law-abiding are the majority, evil from the government still amounts and only the Lord knows what happens.

To conclude, we must consider, and not resist the fact, that there is a possibility that something bad happened to impact the results of the 2016 election. Until we have those facts, we won’t know. We need to keep open minds, and we need to prepare for what is coming. And whatever that thing is, it could potentially change the face of the American political climate as we know it.

Politics is dirty. And if this series of unfortunate events has taught us anything, nothing is getting cleaner.

Michael McGrady is the executive director of McGrady Policy Research. His work has been featured, republished and/or cited by media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, The Denver Post, The New York Post, The Daily Caller, Human Events, The Hill, and many others.


  1. I say definitely keep the witch hunt going. Seems like the longer this is going on, the more dirt is being dug up on the DemonRats.

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