Weekend Of Fights Shows That NFL Brutes Belong Behind Bars, Not On Pedestals

This past weekend, NFL players – who alongside Hollywood stars that regularly get on their knees for acting roles function as our collective moral compass nowadays – across the country were involved in a series of grizzly brawls adding further embarrassment and shame to the beleaguered organization with its ratings already in the toilet.

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver AJ Green savagely attacked Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey, choking him and pummeling him brutally for no particular reason. Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Flynn leveled New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore, again, for no good reason. In both situations, the victims of these assaults were caught totally off-guard and could have been seriously injured.

On another play, perhaps the worst of the week, Arizona Cardinals safety Antoine Bethea landed a brutal cheap shot on defenseless San Francisco 49ers QB C.J. Beathard. This caused a bench-clearing brawl resulting in three ejections. These are prime examples of the folks who have been put on pedestals and called heroes because they get down on their knees during the national anthem, for reasons they can never seem to explain in an intelligible manner. Something something about police and racist whites, I suppose.

The events of this weekend show that the steroid-pumped beasts of the NFL are not role models, and far from it. The monsters of the NFL engage in a sport that stripped of its glitz and glamor is the modern-day equivalent of the gladiators of the Roman coliseum. People are entertained by watching brutes dole out extreme levels of violence against one another. It satisfies a sick desire within humanity. This is not new. What is new is individuals regularly taking cues from these beasts on how to behave in civil society.

These football players are regularly given a pass for behavior that would land them behind bars. What Green did on the football field in any other venue would have landed him a felony assault charge. It is bad enough that these athletes get a pass for violent, anti-social behavior, but what is unacceptable is having our political beliefs dictated to us by these same men. The NFL primarily consists of violent maniacs who only attended university due to their athletic gifts, and now these felons are supposed to be the sacrosanct cultural arbiters for what is and what is not acceptable political opinion. This is the insanity of political correctness taken to new heights.

The NFL thugs are just propaganda pawns for the globalist state. It’s why Colin Kaepernick meets with executives from Twitter to discuss and promote new censorship policies. And because the thugs of the NFL are of such low intellect, with the inability to think for themselves as individuals, many of whom walk around with severe brain damage. So it should come as no surprise that they go along with Kaepernick mindlessly. These protests are just a silly fad, and nothing more. And when a man shows tenacity and grit and stands patriotically for his country, he is forced to grovel, as military veteran Alejandro Villanueva did earlier this year.

Perhaps, Mr. Trump, it is time to put the NFL out of its misery. For the good of the moral fiber of America, it might just be time for DJT to sign that executive order. It may be time to finally ban the most pernicious and revolting brand of bread and circus that the toxic American culture has to offer.


  1. No need for Trump to involve himself in the demise of the NFL. The marketplace is perfectly capable of doing it — maybe not as swiftly and brutally, but without giving them anyone else to blame but themselves, even though they will try.

  2. disgusting how the blacks have turned this into a racial backed white vs black on the field I think we should just thank the biggest jerk of all from the field of losers, Colin Kaepernick for the start of this whole liberal coverup for racist bullshit created by obama loving hypocrites.

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