White House Press Corps Refuses to Report “Real News”

Today, during the White House Press Briefing, Sean Spicer started his portion of the press briefing highlighting the new trade agreement with China. This trade agreement is a major first step by Donald Trump in reducing the current trade imbalance between the two countries. Reducing the trade imbalance with China will have a positive economic impact on the lives of everyday Americans.

The China trade deal allows American beef to be imported into China for the first time in 13 years. It also allows for the importation of Liquid Natural Gas. The financial sector will also benefit as American banks can now compete for China’s credit card processing business. While these three industries will benefit, Americans will also benefit.

This morning, one of Donald Trump’s tweets was to alert the nation about real news that would affect Americans. However, at today’s Press Briefing, not one reporter asked a question about the news that affected Americans. Instead, every reporter was asking questions trying to create a scandal or create division within the administration. All the reporters seemed to care about was how they could get Sean Spicer or Donald Trump. The reporters showed an absolute disregard for the American people and the need for growth within this country. If this nation’s economy does not grow, we will never be able to pay down the national debt that has been accumulating at an alarming rate over the last several decades.

While the press corps is talking about scandals and inconsistencies, Donald Trump is creating policies that will have a positive financial impact on everyday Americans. The press corps’ desire to publish “gotcha” stories has not detoured this President from fighting for economic growth. The press corps partisan coverage of today’s news demonstrates that they still do not understand that the economy is the most important thing for most American voters and one of the main reasons why Donald Trump is President today.


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